Defining ‘The liberal elite’ and the ‘anti-establishment’

A couple more new dictionary definitions, stemming from ‘post-truth’

‘Anti-establishment’/’anti-elite’ = This group mainly consists of lords, earls, aristocrats, the landed gentry, bankers, stockbrokers, commodities traders, country-club owners, billionaire media moguls, and people who have spent a lifetime in politics, provided they don’t like foreigners.
In America, the ‘anti-establishment’ is headed by a real-estate tycoon who inherited a vast amount of wealth, and used it to buy influence with both main political parties, and build giant towers with golden lifts to penthouse suites where he can look down upon his ‘salt of the earth brethren’!
In short, most self-proclaimed ‘anti-establishment’ types have spent a lifetime moving in the exclusive, elite circles of business, politics, the aristocracy and private finance, but if they are hateful, rather than kind, they can now excuse it by playing the ‘anti-establishment’ card. ‘Anti-establishment’ = anyone who agrees with farage.

‘The liberal elite’ = Any person who has ever demonstrated empathy or compassion for someone other than themselves, regardless of their wealth and/or social status. This ‘elite’ mostly consists of young people struggling under a mountain of education debt, on zero-hours contracts, paying unaffordable rents at the hands of ‘anti-establishment’ landlords, politicians and employers. ‘Liberal elite’ = anyone who disagrees with farage.

It doesn’t matter how rich or poor you are, no matter what your social standing is, no matter how empowered or disenfranchised you are, no matter which circles you move in, if you demonstrate kindness, you are part of the elite, and if you demonstrate mean-spirited hatefulness, you are a member of the ‘anti-establishment’!


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