6 years of the Tories failing by their own standards. The conservatives aren’t conservative!

The past 6 years have seen everybody suffering under Tory elitism, incompetence, and mis-management. We have been told ‘there is no money left’ whilst the pay of mps and top executives climbs, and billions of taxpayers money is given away in subsidies to coal, oil, and nuclear energy fatcats. They told us that austerity was necessary to balance the books, but this short-termist policy has seen more people suffering, and has done nothing to improve the economy or sort out either the debt or the deficit!  As we will also see, the conservatives are even failing the basic principles of conservatism!

There are three ways the Tories have failed us – austerity leading to falling living standards and diminishing opportunities, a failure for this to pay down the debt, and a failure to realise the basic *conservative* principles of home ownership, protection of our national institutions, and making work pay.
We have watched as each and every NHS trust under Tory has control fallen into debt since they came to power, due to a real-terms lack of investment. This did not happen under Labour, even when the worldwide financial crisis hit.
NHS Trust’s in debt


Ambulance waiting times increase


A and E Waiting Times increase


Waiting List lengths


And we constantly hear about how suicides and depression have also increased, due to the hopelessness of austerity, but also the unwillingness for the tories to translate their rhetoric about parity for mental health, into real support.
A founding principle of conservatism, is the preservation of great British Institutions, yet this conservative government has crippled our proud NHS with its obsession over cuts.

Since the Tories came to power, we have seen homelessness rising at a phenomenal rate.


And its not just individual homeless people, families are being affected too;


We have also seen rents climbing – all due to a failure to invest in social housing.


As well as massive increases in food bank usage


Home repossessions are at an all time high, and the number of people getting onto the property ladder is at an all-time low. One of the founding principles of conservatism is supposed to be home ownership, in order to ensure the citizens have a stake in society, yet under these conservatives, more people are having homes repossessed, fewer people are buying new homes, more and more people are facing unaffordable rents and many are ending up homeless.

We have seen tuition fees skyrocket, from £3000 to £9000
One area in which the tories appear to be winning, is on employment statistics – employment is up, and unemployment is down. However, this does not translate into an increase in real work, careers, wages, or secure employment.
Saying ‘unemployment is down’ is a real cop-out when, numbers are taken off the unemployment statistics by phoney ‘self-employment’ contracts from unscrupulous agencies (even if the worker doesn’t end up getting any work in a given week), two people working part time on one job, low quality, zero hours contracts, and the exploitation of migrant Labour.  There has also been a climb in the number of employers failing to pay the minimum wage and case after case of exploitative employers, such as BHS and Sports Direct, fleecing and exploiting their workers.

Stagnating wages



Another principle of conservatism is the idea that people should be well rewarded for hard work – yet we see that, since the tories came to power, wages have stagnated more in Britain than in any other developed country apart from Greece!

Debt and Deficit
All of this is excused away with simple platitudes like ‘we need to spend within our means’, ‘Labour got us into this mess by overspending’, ‘we’re all in it together’, ‘austerity will be painful’ but ‘we have to balance the books’, ‘short term pain for long term gain’
But the tories haven’t balanced the books! Consider their economic record;
• The debt has tripled since the tories came to power – and is now higher than under every past labour government – COMBINED!

• The deficit – which the Tories promised would be eradicated by austerity in 2015 – now, (according to the Tories’ own forecasts), won’t be eradicated even by 2021!

• The uk has lost its AAA credit rating with two agencies

• The pound is at its lowest rate against the dollar in 168 years


• The economy is stagnating

• The uk has dropped from 5th to 6th, below France, in the world economic strength tables.  [https://www.ft.com/content/7508bf1e-8a46-11e6-8cb7-e7ada1d123b1]

If you are a Remainer, you could blame Brexit itself (a tory policy), but if you are a Brexiter, you could just as easily blame tory mis-management of the Brexit process.
We are told that things are bad because we have had to ‘tighten our belts’ to ‘balance the books’ – but the nations finances have got WORSE under this refusal to invest strategically.   The Tories have not simply failed to get rid of Labour’s debt, but have tripled it!   The nations finances have been getting worse and worse and worse under tory policies – it has been 6 years since labour were last in power – how much longer can the conservatives keep blaming them?!
The deal was a decline in living standards and opportunity, in order to ‘balance the books’. . . we are now told the books won’t be balanced, but living standards and opportunity will continue to decline anyway!