The fundamental paradox at the heart of the modern right wing.

The self-contradictory message of the modern right wing – from conservative (centre right), through to fascist (far right);

Right whinger:  “We believe in free market, dog-eat-dog capitalism, social Darwinism, survival and prosperity of the fittest.  The state is inefficient and authoritarian, a huge swollen bureaucracy that should be abolished and/or severely cut back.  Only through the dynamism of unrestricted private enterprise, hard work, deregulation, free markets and competition can we thrive and…

What’s that?  Someone foreign is out-competing a British worker or company?

Call the government!  We need to defend ourselves from being out-competed!  Get the State, quick – we need to impose tariffs, points-based systems of entry, and micro-management of everything and everyone which goes in or out of the country!  We must use the ‘cold dead hand of the state’ to create immigration and economic tick-lists to artificially stymie the natural flow of people and goods.  This must be enforced with an army of state-funded border guards, cops and pen-pushing, meddling bureaucrats, because otherwise, our free-market will be unable to compete!

When we said we wanted  ‘competition’, we only meant if we could be given unfair advantages to guarantee we end up on the winning side!  Now we have been out-competed, we want state-enforced micromanagement of every aspect of the economy and labour market.  When we said we wanted ‘small government’, what we meant was we want a massive amount of (state-funded) cops, soldiers, border guards and pen-pushers, the prison industrial complex, religious purity and class-based checks at the borders, and the state having the right to trawl everyone’s private correspondence!

Ours is an ideology which extols the virtues of riches for the winners and poverty for the losers. . . err. . . unless we are the losers, in which case we demand big government, state-sanctioned protectionism to keep us safe!  I don’t get why people see this as a paradox?!”


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