Brexit – Taking Back Control by Shirking Responsibility

All through the referendum campaign, the Leave camp consistently came up with the simplistic platitude ‘Take Back Control’.  This is ironic as the entire movement has been defined by an inability to take ownership of the issue, an unwillingness to accept responsibility for the consequences, blame dodging, finger pointing and a general childish  “I Brexit, you fix it” attitude.   The Brexiters were offered their beloved ‘Control’, and ran away from it once they realised it would involve hard work, leadership, intelligence and responsibility.

The entire movement was, of course, wrapped up in an unwillingness to take responsibility from the word go – practically every charge leveled at the EU by the Leavers could more accurately be attributed to Westminster, rather than Brussels.  But accepting that would mean having Britain accept responsibility for its own failures, take ownership of its own issues, and this is something a nationalist cannot do.  This stems from an insistence by nationalists that nothing Britain does could be at fault for anything – dodging responsibility, refusing to accept blame and never learning from their mistakes.  Many of the problems Britain currently faces do not exist in other EU countries – if that is so, how can it be Brussels that is to blame?  Real terms wages have increased in France, Germany and Spain since the economic crash – all EU countries, but in Britain, they have stagnated – that is the Tory’s doing, not Brussels!  But of course, a nationalist will never take responsibility for anything if there is something ‘foreign’ available to scapegoat.

This childish and irresponsible attitude really came to the fore, however, once they won the vote.  They won, their beloved Brexit beckoned, and what did the leavers do?  Did thy jump at the chance to put their myopic obsession into practice?  No!  They ran away, ‘leave’ing the mess to a Remainer (Theresa May) to clear up!  Farage, Gove, Johnson, Fox, Leadsome and IDS all immediately ran scarpering away once there was hard work to be done.

But it is only now we are truly beginning to see what a bunch of pathetic, irresponsible shirkers and chancers the Brexit lot truly are;

Now, we have dropped to 7th in the World economic tables, (down 2 places since July, now behind France and India), we have lost our AAA ratings, the pound has dropped to its lowest level since records began and who is to blame, according to the Brexiteers?

Why, the Remainers of course!  Yes, all this economic woe is our fault for ‘talking down’ Britain – because that is exactly how an economy works – some people look a bit sad and suddenly – bang!  – £1 = 1.

And of coursse don’t forget that the older a voter got, the more likely they were to vote Brexit. . . which means that, as a generalisation, the people most committed to leaving were the people whom it would affect the least!

Brexiters started off shirking responsibility by blaming Brussels for Westminster’s failings
Brexiters then shirked responsibility by leaving leadership on the issue up to Remainers
Brexiters then blame problems directly attributed to Brexit on Remainers pointing them out!

It would be funny if it weren’t so tragic.  Truly, we have let the country be taken over by a bunch of irresponsible shirkers, people who are quite happy to cause chaos, division and disruption, but completely unwilling to do anything about it!


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