Brexit, a movement of the Elite, by the Elite, for the Elite. The Establishment’s dreams come true!

The whole Brexit debate was framed around the idea of an ‘elite’ vs ‘real people’.  Funnily enough, I actually agree with this idea, however, the truth is opposite to what the Brexiteers would have us believe.

Brexit was the movement of the Elite – funded, backed, and propagated by the rich and aristocratic.  Remain was the voice of the oppressed and marginalised younger generation.

Lets look at the bare facts.  As a demographic average;

Brexiters came from rural areas.

Remainers came from cities

Brexiters were older

Remainers younger.

Which means that Brexiters were more likely to live above the poverty line, more likely to own property, more likely to own land, more likely to have received free education, more likely to have found affordable housing, more likely to have had secure employment, more likely to have a higher disposable income, more likely to own their own car. . . in pretty much every way, the typical Brexiteer is wealthier and more represented than the typical Remainer.

The Brexiteers are the elitists!

When you look at the ‘class’ of people most keenly shouting for and funding Brexit, you begin to see just how much of a phony revolution this whole movement was from day one.  From the start – even before ukip, when we had “The Referendum Party”, Brexit’s loudest voices have come almost exclusively from the aristocracy and the Fleet Street Elite.

An incomplete list of the aristocrats, old Etonians, and members of the landed gentry who fund ukip or back Brexit follows (deep breath!);

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson (bojo!), the Earl of Dartmouth, Lord Neidpath, Baron Pearson of Rannoch, Lady Yvonne Colin, 21st Baron Willoughby deBroke, Baron Stephens of Ludgate, Sir John Craven, the Earl of Leicester, the 8th Baron of Grantley, Viscount Michael Cowdray, Viscount Rothermere, Lady Goldsmith, Lady and Baron Vinson  – all keen Eurosceptics and members or patrons of ukip.  We then need to add to this parade of privilege the billionaire press lords, such as Richard Desmond, Paul Dacre and Rupert Murdoch.

This is the aristocracy – the landed gentry and Fleet Street Establishment!  How on earth did Brexit become the voice of the ‘working man’ with this bunch of elitists at the helm?!

You will have often heard the Brexit brigade complaining about how the ‘liberal media establishment’ was ‘ignoring the concerns of the average man’.  ‘The mainstream media is corrupt’ they’d wail “political correctness is preventing us from speaking” they’d say, repeatedly and loudly.  However, this narrative of media oppression vanishes when concerning their giant blind spot for the pro Brexit Sun, Star, Mail, Express, Telegraph and Spectator. . . oh, on *these particular occasions* the ‘mainstream media suddenly ceased to be the Mouthpiece of the Oppressor and instantly became the Voice of the People!

If you want to know what a ‘sneering London establishment’ sounds like, just read some of the attacks the pro-brexit Fleet Street Elite (especially the Sun) make on our great cities such as Liverpool, Bristol and, more recently, Hull.

Another interesting thing is the one piece of surprise ‘good’ economic news since the vote to leave. . . The FTSE 100 is up!  Hooray!  Workers and small business may be fucked, but the big multi-nationals that make up the FTSE 100 have been able to exploit the weak pound whilst costs rise for the rest of us!

Brexit – a movement of the elite, by the elite, for the elite, pushed by the aristocracy, via the rural bourgeois, on to the gullible half of the working class.   A scapegoat to allow the British government and their aristocratic, establishment friends to continue screwing us over because they can always blame the EU for their own failings.

But make no mistake, once we have left the EU, the right-wing press will continue to blame it for all the ensuing economic chaos.  When the economy begins to tank again – just like it was before we joined Europe, and we plummet down the world rankings (as has already started to happen) we will begin to see the narratives “they are ganging up on us” our “Bullying neighbors”.  As hypocritical as it is predictable!

Brexiteers – “Rebelling against the establishment” and “Taking back Control” . . . by doing exactly what the aristocracy and the foreign-owned Fleet Street Elite tell us!

Of course this country’s undemocratic aristocracy want to ‘take back control’ from the democratically elected European Parliament!  This country’s elite cannot wait for the protections the EU gives us to be gone, so we can go back to the days of economic stagnation, wage slavery, and forelock-tugging of the past!  We have 800 unelected Lords in this country, far less democracy than the EU, yet taking power away from the proportionally represented European Parliament, and handing it back to Lords and the Monarchy at the behest of their press-baron friends hardly seems like the ‘common man taking back control’.


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