Van Rants

Bio: This is a blog by a white van man working in South West England. It consists of a written record of the thoughts, ideas, and irritations which run through my head on long drives. Driving a van gives me peace and quiet for long stretches, especially on night runs up and down the M5, and it is into the silence that my mind runs to fury at the political madness taking over this country. This blog is about sharing these frustrations, as well as other amateur and political ideas which enter my head - it would be interesting to find out what other people think about the runaway thought-trains! It is also a blog which will hopefully dispell some steroeotypes - there will be no 'White Van Rants" against the sort of groups the tabloid press continues to attack, victimise and vilify. This White Van Man supports immigration and refugees (I work side-by-side with immigrants every day and, unlike some others in my profession, I am not actually afraid of competition!), progressive politics, public transport being in public hands, properly funding the NHS, eu membership and all the things the far-right newspapers tell me I should oppose!

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