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No true Patriot can vote Conservative

First things first, this list is not a request to vote for Labour, the Lib-Dems, UKIP, Greens, SNP or Plaid Cymru, or even to vote at all.  It is merely pointing out the fact that no-one who considers themselves to ‘love their country’ could possibly support a Tory party which has caused it such unspeakable degradation, injustice and despair.

The Tory party have failed and abused this country in every conceivable way.  Even in areas where conservatives are normally supposed to excel – crime prevention, fiscal prudence, and the economy – have seen them utterly, utterly fail, performing far worse than the last Labour government by every imaginable measurement.

We are told all this suffering and injustice must continue and is justified by the fact that ‘theres no more money’. . . but towards the end of this list, we will see just how many pieces of massive, wasteful, unjust and inefficient large-scale expenditure the Tories somehow CAN find a magic money tree for!

So, put your feet up, grab a coffee/tea, and prepare for the shortened catalogue of Troy failure and injustice!

Labour consistently hit 98% target of patients waiting under 4 hours in A&E.  Under tories, it is currently struggling to reach 88%,

65 hospital trusts have issued emergency alerts since Tories came to power

Applications for nursing degrees down 23% after bursaries scrapped – combined with far fewer EU nurses coming since Brexit vote, we now face an impossible nursing shortfall

Under Labour, every single NHS trust operated at a surplus.  Now 5/6 operate at a deficit.

Doctors say cuts are endangering patient lives.  Cuts go ahead anyway.  Life expectancy drops.

60,000 more ambulances waiting more than an hour at A&E per year since Tories came to power

1,000,000 patients waiting more than 4 hours in A&E  since Tories came to power

Life expectancy decreasing, for first time since World War 2

Infant mortality worsening, for first time in 50 years

International Red Cross warning of humanitarian crisis in the NHS

Dementia tax Forcing retirees to sell their homes to pay for their care

Number of over 65s needing emergency financial help for monthly pension up 95% since 2015

Bedroom tax

UK government breaching international law with welfare reforms

90 people a month dying after being declared ‘fit for work’

Private companies charging more to run ‘work capability tests’ than it cost to support the disabled

Fox hunting

Tax breaks for fracking firms

Tax hikes for renewable energy firms

HS2 dithering

Homelessness tripled

Number of homeless families up by 25,000, since Tories came to power &

400,000 more children living in  poverty since Tories came to power

Housing crisis, property bubble,

Housebuilding at its lowest level since 1920s

Worst social mobility in the developed world

Highest childcare fees in Europe

Huge rise in food bank dependency – up 1000% since Tories came to power.

1 million emergency food parcels given out a year.

Tories vote against ensuring rented accommodation is “fit for human habitation”

Tories vote against sprinkler systems being fitted in tower blocks

Underemployment – UK at bottom of European league for people desiring more work

In-work poverty has skyrocketed

Wages have stagnated by more than any other developed nation – ever.

Inflation outstripping wages – cost of living rising

The earnings decline of UK workers is currently the worst for 163 years.

For 1st time since 1920s, people earning less at the end of a term than the beginning.

Economy stagnating due to Productivity crisis

Trade deficit

In 2016 UK productivity fell by its greatest margin since the 2008 recession

Legal Aid has been cut, creating what Amnesty International calls a “two-tier justice system”,

Now costs £1,200 to make a claim of unfair dismissal

U-turn on mandatory presence of workers on company boards.

30% increase in depression and anxiety among workers

19 million people (30% of population) now living below national minimum income standards

99% of all UK schools seeing funding cut – £500 average loss per pupil per year.

Literacy levels falling as unqualified teachers replace the properly trained

30,000 shortfall in qualified teachers

200% increase in tuition fees

Introduction of interest on tuition fees

Student debt increased by £30,000 per student.

9% aspiration tax on graduates disposable incomes for their entire working lives.

English students now face the highest fees in the world for study at public universities

2/3 of graduates will never be able to pay off their student debts

Adult education suffered a massive 24% cut in funding – 190,000 fewer places available,

Adult skills budget cut by an eye-watering 40%

Between 2010 and 2015 the Tories slashed 30% off the fire service budget.

Loss of 10,000 firefighter jobs.

Fire chiefs warn that cuts endanger lives.  Cuts proceed anyway.

2015/16 number of fire deaths increased by 17.4%. (based on data from before Grenfell)

UK has the most expensive, most over-crowded, slowest, and least reliable rail service in Europe.

Private rail companies awarded contracts in 1 region, whilst same companies failing in others!

Repeated, failed re-privatisation of the East Coast mainline.

From 2009 – 2015 the nationalised East-Coast mainline service brought £1billion in to treasury coffers, had record high satisfaction ratings and increased profits.

Sold British trains to Dutch and German state on the cheap

Border Force cut by £60 million

Axing 1000 border guards.

Border Force morale at all-time low after frontline cuts under Tories and May

May cuts 20,000 soldiers,

5000 fewer seamen,

5000 fewer airmen.

Lowest troop numbers since the 18th Century, with plans to cut 30,000 more!

May cuts police budget by 20% – 20,000 frontline police roles, & 200,000 other roles.

Also cuts counter-terrorism & cyber security in real terms.

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary say police cuts are “dangerous” and “disturbing”

Violent crime increased by 96% between 2012-2016, reversing a decades-long downwards trend.

Hate crimes up 100%

4-fold increase in armed robbery.

Overall crime increasing for first time in 50 years

Corbyn & police chiefs warns cuts make terrorist attacks more likely. Cuts go ahead

May says they are “scaremongering”, 4 terrorist attacks in 4 months follow.

14 years of Labour sees 1 major terrorist attack – 2 years of Tory majority sees 6

Theresa May sells ISIS billions of pounds of weapons via Saudi Arabia,

May allows ‘rebel fighters’, (including Manchester bomber) free movement to oust Gadhafi – making Libya has unstable and handing power to isis!

Cut and privatisation of prison guards leads to a record high of 119 inmates committing suicide

37 thousand incidents of self-harm in prisons

25 thousand assaults in prisons; 6430 of these were against staff; a rise of 40% in 2015.

Prison riots becoming the norm.

Prison numbers climbing, but still crime keeps rising

17% of women’s refuges have had to close since 2010.

In a typical day, 103 children and 155 women are turned away from over-pressured refuge centres

UK has lowest state pension in the developed world

Failing, tax-dodging companies awarded public contracts (Carillion, Capita)

Double the subsidy to failing private rail firms,

Now spending 3x more to subsidise private firms than it would to run the trains publicly!

Theresa May wants to join Europe’s last dictatorship, Belarus, as the only European nation that doesn’t adhere to international human rights legislation



Tory-supporters claim all this must happen because “There’s no magic money tree”. . . however, here are some of the things the Tories have miraculously managed to find the cash for!;

£475 Billion has been printed and given to failing banks under the guise of ‘Quantitative Easing’

£1bn DUP bribe

Propose £100 million for a new royal yacht

Tories promise a further £200 billion to banksters to mitigate the effects of Brexit on the City of London,

£150 billion to fund Trident, an unusable WMD

Blank cheque for private firms that operate Trident

Agree 50 billion EU divorce bill with barely a moment’s protest

Set aside £500 million for blue passports

11% increase in MP’s pay, when almost every other public-sector worker has seen a real-terms cut

£227 million bailout for private prison and probation firms who charge for tagging non-existent offenders and let real felons go free early


And what about the nation’s finances?  how are the Tories living up to their promises?;

Promised deficit would be surplus by 2015.  Now admit it won’t even be back to Labour’s level until 2031

Debt doubled since 2010 – more new debt created than every Labour government in history COMBINED!

17% economic growth in 7 years touted as a victory – actually almost the worst growth rate in British history

Corporate crime/tax avoidance skyrocket.

Prosecutions rejected in favour of sweetheart deals.

Corporations pay less tax than their employees.

HMRC writes off billions of unpaid tax

Google ‘negotiates’ 3% tax deal, while ordinary British citizens must pay what they owe

UK dropped from 5th to 7th in World economic rankings in less than a year on Theresa May’s watch

UK lost its AAA rating.  This didn’t happen under Labour even during 2008 financial crash!

The pound hits its lowest rate against the dollar in over 30 years & shortly after drops to its lowest EVER level (never happened under Labour)

£1bn lost due to inheritance tax cuts for the richest.

£56bn lost to cuts in corporation tax

£360mn lost to cuts to top rate of tax

£120bn lost due to tax dodging

Refusing to invest, even though the weak £ means that public borrowing has never been cheaper.

Sold British power generation to French & Chinese on the cheap.

Subsidise private energy firms with public money.

Promising taxpayers’ cash to 2x going rate for electricity for 35 years at Hinkley C.

Hinkley clean-up cost at the taxpayers’ expense too.


Global foreign investment in Britain down 90% in 2017

Growth in 2017 lower than Greece.

The tories have failed in every way.  Poverty has skyrocketed.  All our public services are failing.  Business insecurity has never been higher.  workers have never had a worse deal.  Crime is up.  The nation’s public and private finances have never been in worse shape.

If you vote for Tories, you vote for all this to continue.  If you vote for Tories, you cause immeasurable harm to your community and country.

No true patriot could ever vote Tory.


A simple guide to some of the biggest paradoxes of alt-right ‘thought’

Tells you to ‘think for yourself’ – gets really tetchy and accuses you of being brainwashed if you reach different conclusions to him!

Claims ‘the left’ shut down debate because they are afraid of different opinions – accuses anyone who disagrees with them of being ‘funded by Soros’, and immediately disengages from the debate

Boldly proclaim that they are ‘alternative’ – whilst parroting almost the exact same message as the bulk of the establishment press!

“Free your mind” = make the following assumptions, and listen to the specific selection of website and Youtube videos I personally approve of (all  others are pawns of the NOW, obviously), ignore evidence – no matter how strong – which contradicts them, and obsess over the tiny circumstantial snippets that support them.

Claims to be an ‘individualist’ – is obsessed with narrow conformity.

Says gay and trans rights are non-issues which ‘sjw liberals’ just ‘virtue signal’ over – drones on and on about gay and trans issues way more than most actually gay and trans people!

Claims to be ‘rebelling against conformity’ – is weirdly obsessed with ironing out ‘difference’ in other people – even when such difference has no bearing on their own life whatsoever – concerning gender, sexuality, weight, politics, nationality, religion, insisting they constitute ‘mental illnesses’ unless they are the same as them.

Claims that their free speech is being ‘oppressed’ – ironically, does so using free-to-use online platforms which have massively expanded their free speech by broadcasting their exact words to thousands more people than they could reach independently, without charging them a penny!

“Anyone who disagrees with me is a sheep or a shill” – that’s how a ‘woke’ person thinks!

Claims we are ‘not allowed’ to say things against Muslims – has somehow managed to avoid virtually every front page of the Sun, Daily Mail, Daily Star and Express!

Hates the State, loves the Nation – is unable to coherently explain how the f*ck one is supposed to exist without the other!

Claim to be ‘underground’ – have a lot of shiny, professionally-produced websites which often have the exact same generous funding streams as the corporate press – unlike the amateurish ‘Microsoft Paint’ approach of the genuinely grassroots alt-left!

Claim to be ‘for the common man’ – have an unerring tendency to follow the orders of billionaire property tycoons, city of London stockbrokers, and members of the landed gentry and coastal elite!

Claim the liberals left are snowflakes – get really upset, angry, and stroppy if people disagree with them

Claim liberals and the left are easily offended – is constantly and inexplicably offended by the private sexual and gender choices of other people which have nothing to do with them!

The MSM: “Failures under Tories are not the Tories’ responsibility”!

Things which, according to the mainstream media, are not the Tories’ responsibility;
Massive increases in A&E waiting times and hospital ‘black alerts’ since the coalition came to power
Massive increases in ambulance waiting times since the Coalition came to power
Homelessness tripling since the Coalition came to power
Worst wage stagnation in the history of the Western world, since Coalition came to power
Huge increase in child poverty since the Coalition came to power
Huge increase in food bank use among WORKING families since the Coalition came to power
Britain losing its AAA credit rating since the Coalition came to power
Housebuilding at its lowest level since 1920s since Coalition came to power
Economic stagnation, productivity crisis, and trade deficit since Coalition came to power.
6 deadly terror attacks (3 Islamist, 2 far-right, 1 Russian) since Tory majority took control of UK security
Good Friday agreement in jeopardy since Tory majority
Rise in violent crime, reversing decades-long downward trend, since Tory majority
Decreasing life expectancy, reversing centuries-long trend, since Tory majority
Pound in the gutter, since Tory majority
Infant mortality worsening, reversing decades-long downward trend, since Tory majority
30% cut to fire service budget, leading to Grenfell disaster, since Tory majority
£50bn found for EU divorce bill since Tory majority
£1bn DUP bribe to support Tory majority
Literacy levels slumping since Tory majority

Things which, according to the mainstream media, ARE Corbyn’s responsibility;
Every single facebook comment, from every single Labour supporter, for the last ten years!

Squad Theory – humans as a social, co-operative, but varied entity

Squad Theory states that human individuals within a social group tend to, (even when they consist of strangers thrown together by circumstance) automatically slot themselves into varying roles – but crucially, that none of these roles functions as permanent leader.

In any grouping where there are enough individuals linked by common purpose or survival pressures, you will find that you end up with (there are many more, but these are examples) a Thinker, a Joker, Everyone’s Friend, a Cautious, a Maker, a Strong and Silent, an Alpha etc. (although this last is a misnomer, as ‘alphas’ are simply one skill-set among many, rather than a ‘first’ or ‘superior’ skill-set, and alphas will follow the leadership of others when appropriate) If ‘Alpha’ male or female was a universal best way of being, evolution would have seen to it that it was the only personality type that existed.

Squad Theory hypothesises groups of humans with varied traits co-operating for mutual gain, without leaders.

The theory states that this happens, because it is not possible to store all the necessary traits for the safest and most expansive human existence in a single brain or body.  Indeed, many skills are mutually exclusive.  Therefore, nature spreads all the different skills out in a number of individuals, then infuses each individual with a desire to be around others and co-operate.  In this way, ALL skills may be utilised by a small group of humans.  It is said that ‘competition’ is the evolutionary trait, but what if co-operation out-competed mutually-hostile selfishness?

An example of how a varied squad will benefit all its members, is sleep, and the phenomenon of ‘night owls’ and ‘early risers’.  Every human being must sleep, but when doing so, they are vulnerable.  Therefore, amongst the social human’s gene pool, we see a tendency towards a naturally-emergent ‘rota’ which ensures there is always someone awake to guard and alert the tribe.  In a co-operating society based on mutual aid, all may be safer.  Every individual and the whole tribe is, via solidarity and cooperation, protected in ways which raw competition on an individualist basis would never achieve – indeed, a night owl wants to ensure the survival of a day-bird (and vice versa) for reasons of their own survival.  This is what is meant by mutual aid.  What is good for one is rendered good for all, via the mechanism of community.

In every grouping of a high enough number, we see individuals automatically filling the roles of the alpha, the thinker, the gregarious, the coward, the joker, the strong-but-silent, the hesitater, because all of these personality types will be useful under different circumstances, but each is mutually exclusive (you can’t be cautious AND risk-taking, but dependent on the circumstance, either of these traits will benefit the tribe.)  Under different circumstances, different personalities will come to the fore to lead.

The same is true of masculine and feminine roles (which, btw, do not have to be assigned to each genital-possessor, though there is a general tendency for this to occur) – it is not mentally possible to have both finesse and strength, for example – the 2 are mutually exclusive.  But if 1 person has 1 skill-set, the other has another, and they cooperate, then the group has both.  If you want a job done perfectly but don’t mind if its late, ask a Fem.  If you don’t mind it done imperfectly but need it on-time, ask a Masc.

The existence of a passive-aggressive personality type would ensure that, in general, people don’t try to con or exploit others because, one day, they may do so to a passive aggressive person, and never know when their subtle vengeance may strike.  The existence of passive-aggressive behaviour thus helps ensure a default bias in society against inconsiderateness, even amongst those who would otherwise be inherently selfish.

Squad Theory states that there are no leaders, though based on various circumstance, each personality type can ‘have a go’ at being chief organiser, with consent from his compatriots.

As in the mind, so in a healthy, happy, and productive society.  No part of the brain, and no part of society, should be ‘in charge’, either permanently or in a non-consensual manner, in a healthy mind/society.  It is perfectly possible within anarchist philosophy to have a ‘chief organiser/motivator’ at any given time, based on expertise and problems presented, provided it is understood that this person does so with the consent of those who desire their guidance, and possesses no power or compulsion to demand this advice is followed.  Think of how often people refuse to follow what may actually be the correct action, simply due to the imposition of compulsion or authority?  Anarchy/squaddism is the natural state of the mind and of society.  I is what happens most of the time.  Is there a ‘hierarchal’ power structure when people buy rounds in turn in the pub?  No.  There is no compulsion, no authority, yet an equilibrium which is satisfactory to all always emerges.  Does the boss give a script to frontline staff for their interactions with customers. . . sometimes yes, and the result is always irritation on behalf of both customer and employee, leading to loss of profits for boss

But competition can still exist even within a co-operative framework, provided it is mutually consensual, fun, and empowering competition.  Competition and anarchy.  Competition based on fraternity is realised through anarchy – the principle of healthy sibling rivalry means that there can be ‘competition’ within anarchist communities.  Imagine 2 brothers (or sisters) they will brawl, attempt to outdo each other, compete, out-perform, tease and push one another. . . but the moment a brother imagines his brother to be genuinely suffering, genuinely in dire need, he will sacrifice everything to help him.  THIS is the essence of anarchist competitiveness – striving to beat one another in a challenging, playful sense, yet steadfastly having each other’s back the moment genuine hardship threatens.

Human beings are, no matter what role they play in the squad, a combination of instinct (root) and intellect (branch) – neither is fundamentally ‘better’ or ‘worse’ than the other.  Bad-natural = disease and starvation, good-natural = peace and community.  Good artificial = cures and comfort, bad artificial = neurosis and hollow materialsim.

The Right think Britain is small, lacking and weak – how patriotic!


The right wing press are in the process of turning the British into a weak, small, hateful population, easily manipulated into servitude.

Reaction to child refugees

Nationalist press, represented by the Sun, is so insecure in its own skin, so utterly obsessed with how helpless, impoverished, mean-spirited and small Britain is, that it devotes an entire front page to crying about how 3000 CHILD migrants are going to bring the country to its knees!

Just imagine. . . we, as a country, are given the opportunity to be seen as heroes helping desperate children escape brutal oppression and danger.  But instead we, lead by our psychotic right-wing media barons, sit on the sidelines, pinch-faced, mean-spirited and spiteful, sniping that one or two of these children may be a couple of weeks over 18.  We sit here, coddled in our privilege, trying to calculate what the absolute bare minimum we can do for refugees who exist only because of our willingness to vote in favour of the Iraq war twice.

How pathetic.  How weak.  How utterly withered and small is these people’s image of their country, ‘Great’ Britain?  A place, apparently so puny, lacking and atrophied, that it could be brought to its knees by daring to help a tiny number of desperate children.

The people who write these articles, and those who read and support them, are tiny, insecure maggots of men, petrified that even the smallest of incursions might shatter their fragile, cosseted existence.  If you support, believe, or read the sun, the mail, the express, you are weak, a worm, a grub, an ant, a tiny, insecure, nothing of a human, sniveling and terrified of the poverty and suffering you repeatedly vote to create.

How weak, impoverished, and brittle do you imagine this nation is, that it can be crippled by accepting the miserably small number of 3000 refugee children?  A single possibly 18 ½ year old can cause the entire edifice of the old empire to come crashing down!  Weak.  Pathetic.  Base.  Tiny.

Consider which sounds stronger;

“We need to close the borders.  We are too weak, small, and poor to help.  (though we were perfectly strong, big, and rich enough to bomb their countries, creating the refugee crisis in the first place) We are terrified of the dangers.  We are so small, pitiful, and underfunded, we can’t even look after our own, let alone protect children.  There is simply not enough here.  This is a land of lack, paranoia, and mean-spirited grasping.  Go away – we are too weak, scared and lazy to check the individual story of those seeking help.”

“This is Britain, a strong and compassionate nation.  We have the strength, industry, and capacity to help both our own, and the world’s most vulnerable.  We will help those fleeing persecution and halt their persecutors – how?   Because we are great, strong, and rich – heroes, and heroes help the vulnerable.  The ideal people – brave, compassionate, resilient and giving.  Proud to help the desperate because that is what heroes do – make sacrifices to protect the endangered.”

Capitalism. . . no wait, Nationalism!

And all of these rightist ideologies religiously praise the virtues of capitalism, whilst seeming to be genuinely confused about its central tenets.  They will shout about how they hate ‘big government’, ‘reds’, ‘socialists’, ‘lefties’ etc. . . then they will claim that immigrants are taking *their* jobs. . . I’m sorry, I thought you were competitive capitalists?!  Surely a job ‘belongs’ to the employer, and if that employer wants to give it to a migrant, why should the state interfere with borders, visas, and points-based systems of entry?!  Imagine how privileged and self-entitled you have to be to espouse this ‘competition but rigged in my favour’ narrative;

“ah bwess, at least the little snowflakes tried. . . they might not do the job most skilfully or cost effectively, but lets give them a prize (the job) for being born in the right place, we wouldn’t want to hurt their self esteem – participation trophies for all those given birth to in the correct geographical location!”

You CANNOT espouse free-market capitalism, then claim a job is ‘yours’.  The job belongs to the factory owner, and (if you follow capitalist dogma, as you claim to) it is not only his right, but his duty to his shareholders to give it to whoever will do it effectively the cheapest – if that’s a migrant, who are you or the state to infringe on this employer’s rights?  The same applies to the self-employed. . . oh no, immigrants are taking your work – work harder, work faster, and cheaper than them, then – you said you wanted competition – so f***ing compete, without statist, nationalist support!

The tendency of the weak to espouse capitalist ‘competition’. . . so long as the game is rigged in their favour. . . . then retreat to nationalist protectionism whenever a hard-working foreign individual or enterprise threatens to out-compete them!

From the actual Nazis, through to the neo-nazis of the ‘alt-right’, there has been one narrative which is there to act as a crutch for those who praise the competitive values of dog-eat-dog capitalism, (all the while deriding socialism) but then become bitter and blame others when they fail to compete.  All three Ideologies for the Weak preach it to some extent, but the white-supremacist strain of fascism is the most clear, it goes something like this “You, yes you in the dead-end, boring job – you are actually really brilliant, far more clever and astute than other, more successful people (a line which runs through the smug conspiracisit’s internal dialogue too).  The only reason you haven’t succeeded in life is because the nasty liberal establishment, and all their foreigner friends, are conspiring against you.  I’m here to tell you that you are supreme, better than them simply due to accident of birth, and if you vote for me, lovely things will drop into your deserving lap because I will take them from those nasty foreigners and liberals who, despite the fact that you believe them to be inferior, have somehow managed to do better than you in every way!”

For all these ideologies’ claims to be about ‘self-sufficiency’, ‘independence’ and ‘rewarding hard work’, all they basically preach is that certain benefits should be handed, on a silver platter, to certain individuals based on accident of birth.  Obviously, this is the opposite of real merit, but don’t tell any of the three Ideologies of Weakness that what they are basically proposing is some form of State crutch to guarantee that ‘participation trophies’ are handed out to all ‘countrymen’, regardless of the content of their character, skill set, or desire to strive. . . they’d hate that. . . all 3 ideologies hate ‘the state’ and ‘socialism’. . . unless, of course, it is a State or socialism which benefits them and attacks their enemies…

Right-wing weakness, privilege, and inconsistency

Standard right-wing narrative proclaims that it supports rewarding people based on merit. . . However, this narrative is utterly flimsy and self-contradictory.  The main right-wing philosophies believe in giving people advantage not due to thier skills, drive or ambition, but accident of birth;

Prescriptive, baby-boomer Conservatism states an individual should be ‘rewarded’ not due to merit, but on when they were born. 

We see the aging, baby-boomer conservatives stating that, yes, there was the money to pay for affordable housing, quality jobs, free university education and public services when they were young (and the country was actually in much more debt!), but now, the same opportunities should not be afforded to their children because “there’s no more money” (because its all tied up in the inflated value of their homes…

Nationalism states that an individual should be ‘rewarded’ not due to merit, but on where they were born

It states that people should be given homes and jobs not based on how hard they are prepared to work for them, but on where they were born.  The job does not go to the best man, but to the man born closest to the factory.

Fascism states that an individual should be ‘rewarded’ not on merit, but genealogy.

Fascism states that a person’s heritage and history grant him extra advantages.  You must do nothing to earn your keep, be handed opportunities on a silver platter, and cared for, except be of pure blood.

Conservatives fear Change.  Nationalists fear competition.  Fascists fear variety.

As you can see, all these ideologies provide answers for those too weak to adapt to new circumstance, too lazy or inept to compete with others, and too scared to accept variety.  They are prescriptive, structured systems gifted, unearned, to the pre-ordained, created and maintained by those too intellectually and ethically feeble to work out right from wrong themselves, or to reward people based on the content of their characters, rather than place of birth, era of birth, or bloodline.

A further expose of the weakness of these ideologies is in their haste to ascribe victimhood to themselves.

A normal person’s definition of ‘oppression’ is “A is oppressing B by preventing them from accessing their rights.”
A right-wingers definition, however, is “A is oppressing B by refusing to follow exactly the same lifestyle!”


Like communism; fascism, nationalism, and prescriptive conservatism all believe that the human race should be one single, homogenous, uninventive blob of sameness, the only individual differentiation based on hierarchy.

Intellectual, moral, and emotional toddlers who love the idea of a competition and the chance to feel like a winner (capitalism), but demand that this competition is rigged in their favour in order to protect their privileged position and their feelings (Fascism (heritage-based favouritism), nationalism (location-based favouritism), conservatism (age/inheritance-based favouritism)), claiming to love the idea of competition, but foot-stomping and crying to mummy-state for a participation trophy whenever they are *outcompeted* by a foreign individual or organisation!

Fascism, Nationalism, Prescriptive Conservatism – ideologies for the weak

Individual weakness – submission to conformist collective.

One thing unites supporters of Fascism, Nationalism, and prescriptive conservatism – The feeling of being naked and afraid without a rigid structure of conformity, hierarchy, and a prescribed selection of lifestyle norms being imposed upon you and all others via some external authority.  Those whose belief in their own morals, fortitude, and self-worth is so flimsy, inconsistent and incoherent, they desire an external power structure to guide their thinking, tell them and others – by force, if necessary – who is ‘good’ and ‘right’

Fascists, Nationalists, and prescriptive conservatives are ideologies which all preach the virtue of moral, physical, and ethical ‘strength’.   However, observing and analysing the central tenets of these three conformist philosophies shows how, in truth, a narrative of individual weakness and collective lack lies at the core of all three.  These three types of snivelling, love-to-be-lead conformism do not demonstrate individual strength, but weakness, the desire for agencies outside of your own being to sculpt and dictate your lifestyle to you, to provide structure and discipline for those lacking their own internal fortitude.

Their insecurities mean The Prescriptives CANNOT simply live and let live.  They can’t, for example, have their own straight marriage and simply allow another couple to have a gay marriage . . . to their flinching, terrified mindset, the tolerance of a different way of life is seen as a threat to their shaky identity and brittle sense of self-worth, even though (e.g) a gay marriage IN NO WAY prevents them enjoying a straight marriage.

“The left-behinds” we hear them called, but this is a total misnomer.  The words is ‘stragglers’.  ‘Has-beens’.  Losers.  And they deserve no sympathy.  These are people who spent the years from 1945 – 1980 benefitting from socialism – making the most of free university education, affordable, social housing, worker’s rights, secure contracts, and training schemes, a functioning NHS and well-funded public services. . . yet when it came time for their children to enjoy the same benefits, they voted it down, screaming about how dangerous and unaffordable socialism is.  These people are hypocrites of the highest order – those who proclaimed the value of dog-eat-dog, capitalist competition, free from state interference (i.e. economic liberalism) – an ideology of winners and losers. . . yet the moment they turned out to be losers, unable or unwilling to compete with ‘foreigners’, they cried about how unfair the game was, demanding protections (yet again, from the state they claim to despise!), in the forms of tariffs, border controls, and micro-managed immigration.

‘Traitor’ is a word often deployed by the intellectually and emotionally weak from all three camps.  This word is like a right-wing version of ‘political correctness gone mad’, but with a much greater level of threat attached.  It implies that certain ideas are not allowed to be discussed.  For example, the actions or integrity of soldiers and other servicemen are NEVER permitted to be questioned.  They are all heroes, and anyone who disagrees must be silenced.  Occasionally, criticism of high-brass or politicians may be tolerated, but the actual individual pulling the trigger is absolved of all personal responsibility through the familiar phrase ‘only following orders’, itself a reflection of weakness in personal morality and individual autonomy.

Authority allows the commander to keep his hands clean, and the subordinate to do the same with his conscience – absolving both of the moral strength to discern right from wrong.  The general is insulated from the bloody reality of his orders by distance, and the person pulling the trigger insulated from the spiritual and moral agony of ‘choosing’ to commit atrocities.  A similar immunity from criticism is granted to the royal family, through the use of this pathetically sycophantic word – the Windsors, the flag, and the armed forces are beyond criticism (largely because the actions thereof are logically indefensible, so the only way to avoid being proven false is to scream ‘traitor’ at anyone attempting to apply consistent standards and moral logic, silence them and shut down debate.)

Same with the Daily Mail’s attitude to Brexit. . . ‘Saboteurs’, ‘enemies’ and ‘traitors’ are to be ‘silenced’ and ‘crushed’, because the dangerously correct observations of the damage already caused by the vote to leave pose a threat to the proven lies and inaccuracies of the nationalist establishment.

I mean, I understand that some people want to be told what to do by authorities, it helps assuage their brittle, cowardly insecurities, but me?  I’d prefer the freedom to go where I please and, provided it harms none, do what I will.  I just wish there was a way in which authoritarianism could be inflicted solely upon those who proclaim to enjoy it…

All of these ideologies feed off a narrative which says you must obey the authorities as protection because of how weak, small, threatened and vulnerable you and your country, are.  All of these ideologies fill your head with ideas of just how withered, atrophied, and defenceless YOU are, but just how strong you (as a lowly cog) could be if you were simply to submit, fit in, obey, conform, and toil.

Who on earth would find this way of life attractive, save those who had already resigned themselves to insignificance?  Who would aspire to having individual lifestyles dictated to them by external authorities, save those who have already allowed themselves to be convinced of how feeble and useless they are on their own?  Fascism, nationalism, and conservatism speak directly to nature’s forelock-tugging, sycophantic, self-pitying serfs.  The truly free have no desire for any of these crutches.