stream-of-consciousness rant about privileged victim-hood!

Virtually every group which has been proclaimed by the right-wing mainstream press and its pseudo-rebellious echo the ‘alt’ right, to be the ‘victim’ of a ‘liberal establishment conspiracy’, are in fact groups, such as those outlined below, which have actually enjoyed considerable social and political advantage over others.  What they see as ‘oppression’, is nothing more than the increasing tolerance of others – a tolerance which IN NO WAY affects their lives, except to speak out against their intolerance.  Gay marriage *does not prevent you* from getting straight married. . . so why do you care?


Monied Working class

Property-owning Middle Class

Aristocratic Upper class


Trump supporters

Alt right

At the exact time that their freedom of speech has been most broadened, magnified, and enabled by free-to-use digital platforms utilising the global reach of the internet, the alt-right cry ‘censorship’. . .  doing so using the exact same media they accuse of restricting their freedom of speech!

All these smug rightist conspiracy theorists who have spent their lives looking down their nose at everyone else for being ‘sheeple’, easily-fooled by the lies of the elite and the establishment.  All their lives, they have got by on bold proclamations that only they, of all their more successful peers, and all the world’s hardest-working genius scientists, have ‘seen the light’ and are ‘woke’.

Now that Trump has been (sort of) elected, these arrogant infants are now crawling on their knees before a government they claimed to despise in principle, licking the boot of a corrupt, billionaire, real-state tycoon, and accusing anyone who questions their glorious leader of being ‘part of the NWO’ or ‘funded by soros’.

Now, these people who have spent their entire lives denigrating their (usually much more successful) associates for being unthinking, unquestioning pawns, unquestioningly heed every word their president utters, accusing the impoverished victims of his policies as being of ‘the elite’!  What pathetic hypocrisy, what utter, shameless toadyism “I reject the government and establishment, man, I’m so wild and radical and out there and god I love the president, give him more power, I love the trump government, get some cops to crush these protestors!”

Oppression of the citizens of Africa and Middle East = “My home has been destroyed, most of my family killed, and the place where I live has been utterly devastated by Western-built bombs and Western-trained militia.  I have tried to flee somewhere safer, only to be referred to as an evil, thieving parasite by the very people who voted for the war which devastated my life.

Oppression of the Western nationalist = “Waaah, they’ve stopped me saying cwissmass (‘they’ haven’t).  ‘They’ have taken the word ‘Easter’ off my little chocolate eggy-wegg (‘they’ haven’t).  Nowadays, I’m so oppressed, that if I use racial insults, people will give me a dirty look!  Oooh the humanity!  This is EXATLY like living under the 3rd reich.  I’m going have to use a free online platform which spreads my unaltered words, live, to 1000s of other people, to complain about this censorship!


Who are today’s REAL working class?

From the Brexit vote, to Labour heartlands, to ‘working Tories’,  there has been much talk lately of the ‘working class’ vote.  But what do people mean when they say this?  Who is a true member of the modern working class?

If asked to conjure up an image of such a typical ‘working class’ voter, we’d imagine a plain-talking, home-owning, retired Sun/daily Mail reader.  If asked to picture a typical working class individual, most people – regardless of where they sit on the political spectrum, regardless of their prejudices -would imagine a beetroot-faced, socially-conservative, no-time-for-namby-pambies, plain-speaking older male – basically, your typical ‘Question Time’ audience member!

This demographic – the older, plain-speaking male – does exist, and, if we’re honest, they are the first to proclaim their own ‘working class’ credentials, and the first to deny them to others, seeing themselves as gatekeepers of working class identity.  They would be happy to deride most millennials – especially those with more refined tastes – as “poncey, middle-class, student types who’ve never known a hard day’s graft in their lives” etc.etc.etc.

Problem is, this demographic – who have set themselves up as ultimate arbiters of working class identity, actually demonstrate working class attributes such as solidarity and hard work less than the youngsters they so readily deride.

As a broad stereotype, this demographic are much more likely to be home-owners, much more likely to have had that home be cheap to buy, before rapidly inflating in value, much more likely to have enjoyed secure work contracts throughout their lives, much more likely to retire earlier than their kids etc.

Their most common refrain is “I’ve voted Labour all my life, but I csn’t do so anymore with this lot in charge”.  The translation of this cliched tirade is basically “When I worked, I voted for the party which protected worker’s rights. . . now I’m about to retire, f**k the workers, I’d like some xenophobia please!”

Whereas the people they deride for ‘not being working class enough’, millennials, actually are working every hour god sends, often in manual, menial, or unskilled roles, paid close to the minimum wage, in insecure work, paying rent to an extorting landlord, and grounded in debt – while the bitching brexiteer bigots who claim that today’s youth are “not real working class” swan off on another 2 month, equity-release-funded cruise!

We live in a weird world where people who aren’t working are claiming the working class moral high ground over those who are!  Apparently, if you are young, have a smartphone, and have ever eaten an avocado, you don’t get to be working class – it doesn’t matter if you do a manual job for low pay, because a bunch of property-rich, retired conservatives have decided you can’t identify as working class!

The idea for this blog entry came upon observations of who these stereotypical ‘working class’ Brexit voters idolised – Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage, Earl of Dartmouth, Jacob Rees Mogg etc. – Privately educated upper-class lords of the manor who’ve never done a day’s manual work in their lives!

But what really hit home was the vitriol I saw expressed towards one particular MP.  Angela Raynor.  I saw a number of facebook posts on the ‘YourBrexit’ page (one of the dozens of pits of incoherent nationalist rage which fill up facebook) attacking her.  This is to be expected – these pages are funded and administered by the upper class.

What followed, however, was truly surprising – dozens of comments from older, anti-Labour, “proudly working class” Leave voters attacking and deriding her for ‘not talking properly’, because of her strong regional accent!  Angela Raynor has some of the strongest genuinely working-class credentials of any MP on either side of the house, and here were these people, these self-proclaimed guardians of working-class identity, attacking her for having a working class accent – whilst toadying at the feet of brexiteer aristocracy!

The typical anti-Labour, anti-liberal Brexit voter no longer has any right to claim working class status.  They are better off in terms of wealth and representation than the millennials they deride, and are much keener to tug the forelock in the presence of their betters, than to engage in real working-class solidarity.

If you go beyond the stereotypes of avocado on toast, Instagram and eyebrows, and actually think about what it truly means to be working class – the struggle against the elites, landed gentry and aristocrats, the hard work, the community, the camaraderie – we find that indebted, disenfranchised Millennials actually fit the bill much more than the retired brexiteer-bigot-boomers whose house has quadrupled in value, and who only like politicians with proper  (i.e. posh) accents

B*tching brexit boomers

Brexit was just the tip of the iceberg, the final straw in a narrative which has cast the oppressors – the baby-boomers – in the role of victim.  I do not make a call to the millennials to rise up against our molly-coddled, geriatric oppressors out of a simple appeal to generational solidarity, but out of survival – an observation of the bare facts which are crippling our generation;

Tuition fees, housing costs, bills, rights, secure working contracts, debt, pay, pensions, training, free movement, ‘aspiration’ – all of these factors were demonstrably, empirically better for our parent’s generation, the bitching Brexit boomers.

The boomer generation have, time and time again, demonstrated gross hypocrisy, again and again saying “oh yes, [benefit x] was possible for us, but now there is no money to grant the same opportunities to our kids”  This may be the first generation in history to deliberately and even smugly condemn their children to worse life chances than themselves.

And it would be so easy to let them off the hook by blaming the politicians – but these politicians would have had no power whatsoever without their selfish, short-sighted, greedy and materialistic votes of the middle-aged.  Indeed, their willingness to try and pass the buck onto their kids is just another example of the reckless, irresponsible, short-termist attitude which refuses to accept responsibility for the long-term damage their instant-gratification votes have caused the country and their children.

The only generation in history to put their own short-term, hedonistic materialism before the security and futures of their children.  We.  Owe.  Them.  NOTHING.  Least of all respect.  Our GRANDparents (well, those aged over 90, at least) helped them build the NHS, a welfare state, well funded infrastructure, educational and training prospects and a booming economy with the possibility of a real future, a happy and hopeful existence.  The spoiled greed of our PARENTS (those born 1945-1975) then squandered it.  Respect our elders?  Those aged over 90, certainly, but the rest have done nothing but destroy what they built.

We millennials know the graft of our grandparents in a way our parents never could.  We HAD to work 2 jobs to get through uni.  We HAVE to wait for a phone call at 6am every morning to find out what work and where our agency has for us in the morning.  We HAVE to struggle into debt to pay extortionate rents to baby-boomer portfolio landlords, whose multiple cheap-to-buy houses have inflated in value without their owners even having to break a sweat.

The Human body as a metaphor for a Human global unity

Individual = cell

Family/community = tissue

Country = organ

Continent = system (respiratory, circulatory etc.)

Earth = The whole body


Co-operation – provided each system remains within its correct, natural limits – is what makes the whole system work.

Co-operation does not diminish your uniqueness on an individual, communal, or national level, in fact it deepens on it, expands its potential.

Nationalism is the equivalent of co-operating only up to the level of organ. . . it is the equivalent of the heart and lungs insanely deciding to battle against each other, to the detriment of both organs and every cell contained within. . .

Globalisation, when seen in terms of a single unit (body/species) functioning as a well-oiled machine, striving together for common purpose, each part doing what it does best, and co-operating with all the others – the ultimate noble goal. . . an end to suffering and war, true Humanist Unity.

However, in reality, globalisation is often realised not through co-operation maintained throughout the different levels and between the different systems, but rather as one area invading another – the equivalent of a hernia if it affects neighbouring areas, or a cancer if it spreads further.  Ironically, when viewed politically, although this would normally be classed as ‘globalisation’ (either corporate or statist), it is in fact a consequence of nationalism/imperialism – i.e. a single selfish organ/country inflaming, expanding beyond its natural remit, and negatively affecting others.

But the failings of nominal Globalism do not mean a consensual global co-operation, in which resources flow naturally to where they can be processed and used most effectively, without one area infringing on another, is impossible.  Such ‘Glocalisation’ would allow for each individual, community, country and continent to function to its maximum potential, much as each cell, tissue structure, organ and system lives out its natural existence in the human body.

Being part of the [respiratory system/EU], does not prevent the [lung/UK] being itself, it enables it.  Being part of the [lung/UK], does not prevent [lung tissue/local communities] being themselves, it encourages them to do so.  Being part of [lung tissue/a local community], does not prevent an [individual/lung cell] from being itself, it enables it.

Viewed in this context, Brexit is like the pancreas detaching itself from the rest of the digestive system, and going off on its own to start competing with the stomach! (or, if you believe the ‘internationalist Brexiteer’ propaganda, forming a new co-operation just with the brain and nose!)

Once upon a time, life consisted solely of single celled organisms.  Short-lived, perpetually harassed by the environment, and utterly, utterly without any understanding of beauty, creativity or science.  As life evolved into tissues, then simple creatures, which went on to develop organs and systems, so its capacity, lifespan, and experience improved.  Increasing complexity and co-operation improved and expanded the capacities, comfort, experience and endurance of the evolving life form.  This process is replicated on a societal level.  The more we co-operate, the more humanity coalesces into a single unity, the better life gets.

Once upon a time, we were all lone individuals.  Life was short, full of suffering, and empty.  Subsistence followed by death was all an individual could expect.
We began to form family groups, and through co-operation life got a little longer, we had loved ones to help us through the struggles – physically and emotionally – and our experience of life deepened.
Next, humanity began to form co-operating communities, and life expectancy increased again, primitive doctors came along who began to relive some of the symptoms, and early art emerged.
These communities eventually coalesced to form nations, life expectancy shot up, whole industries emerged devoted to the alleviation of suffering, and we saw renaissance after renaissance of wild creativity.  Great paintings, operas, plays – none of which a lone individual could ever have the spare time and energy to create without a support network and collaborators.

The next stage is continental co-operation.  In Europe, such co-operation bought the first period of 50-year peace which this continent has ever seen, maintained by the EU.  The international cultural, scientific, and trade collaborations it produced have vastly expanded and improved our lived experience.  Continental co-operation also worked well for America.  Becoming ‘the United States’ did not diminish the strengths, freedoms and uniqueness of (for example) individual Texans, or Californian communities, it strengthened them.
This is why Brexit is a backwards step.  We are retreating to a former, lower level of societal/structural evolution, when we should be expanding and co-operating on an organ-ic level, in preparation for free global unity.  If we can do this, the whole of humanity can form a single co-operating system which actually facilitates the individual potentials and rights of every person under its remit, expanding their opportunities, freedoms and possibilities.

And once we have conquered continental co-operation, we expand to global co-operation, and the solar system WILL be ours.  Competitive interests – both statist and capitalist – have been trying to reach space for decades with minimal success, yet publicly-funded, international co-operation built Humanity’s first space station, and it is only through a truly internationalist effort that we have put rovers on Mars and photographed all of Jupiter’s moons.

Cell -> tissue -> organ -> system -> Being

Individual -> family -> community -> nation -> continent -> planet -> Stars.

Every backwards step diminishes Humanity’s potential.  Brexit is a backwards step

Top 52 Tory Failures.

 Top 52 Tory failures.  Tory top trumps.  Conservative deck of incompetence

^ A spreadsheet detailing a composite collection of the tory’s top 52 f*ck ups.  There were so many to choose from for the top 52, that many are actually combinations of 2 or more f*ck ups…

The ultimate aim is to manufacture a deck of cards or ‘Tory top trumps’ to distribute or sell at anti-tory events. . . hopefully creating a more fun way of communicating just how many different ways these heartless fools have ruined the country.

1.       Labour consistently hit 98% target of patients waiting under 4 hours in A&E.  Under tories, it is currently struggling to reach 88%, with 65 hospital trusts issuing emergency alerts Applications for nursing degrees down 23% after bursaries scrapped
2.       When Labour left office, every single NHS trust operated at a surplus.  Now 5/6 operate at a deficit.  Doctors say cuts are endangering patient lives.  Cuts go ahead anyway.  Life expectancy drops.
3.       60,000 more ambulances having to wait more than an hour at A&E per year since Tories came to power
4.       400,000 patients waited more than 4 hours in A&E when Labour left office.  Now its 1,400,000
5.       Life expectancy decreasing, and infant mortality worsening, for first time in 50 years -International Red Cross warning of humanitarian crisis in the NHS
6.       Dementia tax Forcing retirees to sell their homes to pay for their care – Number of over 65s needing emergency financial help for monthly pension up 95% since 2015
7.       Bedroom tax & UK government breaching international law with welfare reforms
8.       90 people a month dying after being declared ‘fit for work’ by private companies who charge the public purse more money than it costs to simply continue supporting the disabled
9.       Fox hunting!
10.   Tax breaks for fracking firms & Tax hikes for renewable energy firms
11.   HS2 dithering
12.   Homelessness tripled, and number of homeless families up by 25,000, since tories came to power & 400,000 more children living in relative poverty since tories came to power
13.   Housing crisis, property bubble, and housebuilding at its lowest level since 1920s
14.   Worst social mobility in the developed world & Highest childcare fees in Europe
15.   Huge rise in food bank dependency – up 1000% since Tories came to power.  1 million parcels given out a year.
16.   Tories vote down amendment to ensure rented accommodation is “fit for human habitation”, and vote against sprinkler systems being fitted in tower blocks
17.   Underemployment – UK at bottom of European league for people desiring more work & In-work poverty has skyrocketed, as Wages have stagnated by more than any other developed nation – ever.  Inflation outstripping wages – cost of living rising
18.   The earnings decline of UK workers is currently the worst for 163 years.  For 1st time since 1920s, people earning less at the end of a government than the beginning.
19.   Economy stagnating due to Productivity crisis and trade deficit – In 2016 UK productivity fell by its greatest margin since the 2008 recession
20.   Legal Aid has been cut, creating what Amnesty International calls a “two-tier justice system”, wherein it costs £1,200 to make a claim of unfair dismissal
21.   U-turn on mandatory presence of workers on company boards.  30% increase in depression and anxiety among workers
22.   19 million people (30% of population) living below national minimum income standards
23.   99% of all UK schools seeing funding cut – £500 average loss per pupil per year. Literacy levels falling as unqualified teachers replace the properly trained, resulting in a 30,000 shortfall in qualified teachers
24.   200% increase in tuition fees + Introduction of interest on tuition fees Student debt increased by £30,000 per student.  9% aspiration tax on graduates disposable incomes for their entire working lives. English students now face the highest fees in the world for study at public universities, & 2/3 of graduates will never be able to pay off their student debts
25.   Adult education suffered a massive 24% cut in funding –190,000 fewer places available, Adult skills budget cut by an eye-watering 40%
26.   Between 2010 and 2015 the Tories slashed 30% off the fire service budget.  Loss of 10,000 firefighter jobs.  Fire chiefs warn that cuts endanger lives.  Cuts proceed anyway.  In 2015/16 the number of fire deaths increased by 17.4%. (based on data from before Grenfell)
27.   UK has the most expensive, most over-crowded, slowest, and least reliable rail service in Europe.  Failing private rail companies awarded contracts in 1 part of country, whilst same companies are collapsing in others!
28.   Re-privatisation of the East Coast mainline.  From 2009 – 2015 the nationalised service brought £1billion in to treasury coffers, had record high satisfaction ratings and increased profits.  Sold British trains to Dutch and German state on the cheap
29.   Border Force cut by £60 million, Axing 1000 border guards.  Border Force morale at all-time low after frontline cuts under Tories and May
30.   May cuts 20,000 soldiers, 5000 seamen, and 5000 airmen.  Lowest troop numbers since the 18th Century, with plans to cut 30,000 more!
31.   May cuts police budget by 20%, including 20,000 frontline police roles, & 200,000 other roles.  Also cuts counter-terrorism & cyber security in real terms.  Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary say police cuts are “dangerous” and “disturbing”
32.   Violent crime increased by 96% between 2012-2016, reversing a decades-long downwards trend.  Hate crimes up 100% & 4-fold increase in armed robbery. Overall crime increasing for first time in 50 years
33.   Corbyn warns cuts make terrorist attacks more likely, as do police chiefs.  Cuts go ahead anyway. May says they are “scaremongering”, 4 terrorist attacks in 4 months follow. 14 years of Labour sees 1 major terrorist attack – 2 years of Tory majority sees 4
34.   Theresa May sells ISIS billions of pounds of weapons via Saudi Arabia, & allows ‘rebel fighters’, (including Manchester bomber) free movement to oust Gadhafi – making Libya has unstable and handing power to isis!
35.   Cut and privatisation of prison guards leads to – In 2016 a record number of 119 inmates took their own lives, 37 thousand incidents of self-harm in prisons
36.   25 thousand assaults; 6430 of these were against staff; a rise of 40% on 2015.  Prison riots becoming the norm.  Prison numbers climbing, but still crime keeps rising
37.   17% of women’s refuges have had to close since 2010.  In a typical day, 103 children and 155 women are turned away from over-pressured refuge centres
38.   Failing, tax-dodging companies awarded public contracts (Carillion, Capita) & double the subsidy to failing private rail firms, resulting in it costin at 3x more to subsidise private firms than it would to run the trains publicly
39.   Theresa May wants to join Europe’s last dictatorship, Belarus, as the only European nation that doesn’t adhere to human rights legislation
40.   Print £475 Billion and give it to failing banks under the guise of ‘Quantitative Easing’ & Promise them a further £200 billion to mitigate the effects of Brexit on the City of London, whilst uk has lowest state pension in the developed world
41.   Find £150 billion to fund Trident, an unusable WMD – A blank cheque for the private companies that operate Trident
42.   Agree 50 billion EU divorce bill with barely a moment’s protest & set aside £500 million for blue passports
43.   11% increase in MP’s pay, when almost every other public-sector worker has seen a real-terms cut
44.   £227 million bailout for private prison and probation firms who charge for tagging non-existent offenders and let real felons go free early
45.   Promised deficit would be surplus by 2015.  Now admit it won’t even be back to Labour’s level until 2025 – Debt doubled since 2010 – more new debt created than every labour government in history COMBINED!
46.   17% economic growth in 7 years touted as a victory – actually almost the worst growth rate in British history
47.  Corporate crime/tax avoidance skyrocket.  Prosecutions rejected in favour of sweetheart deals.  Corporations pay less tax than their employees.  HMRC writes off billions of unpaid tax – Google ‘negotiates’ 3% tax deal, while ordinary British citizens must pay what they owe
48.   UK dropped from 5th to 7th in World economic rankings in less than a year on Theresa May’s watch & UK lost its AAA rating with 2 agencies.  This didn’t happen under Labour even during 2008 financial crash!
49.   The pound hits its lowest rate against the dollar in over 30 years & shortly after drops to its lowest EVER level (never happened under Labour)
50.   £1bn lost due to inheritance tax cuts for the richest.  £56bn lost to cuts in corporation tax  £360mn lost to cuts to top rate of tax  £120bn lost due to tax dodging
51.   Refusing to invest, even though the weak £ means that public borrowing has never been cheaper.
52.   Sold British power generation to French & Chinese on the cheap.  Subsidise private energy firms with public money.  Promising  taxpayers’ cash to pay twice going rate for electricity for 35 years at Hinkley C.  Hinkley clean-up cost at the taxpayers’ expense too.
Joker 1 £1bn DUP bribe
Joker 2 Propose £100 million for a new royal yacht

“You won, get over it” Perpetual Outrage in the age of Brexit


Something which has been noticed by many on the Remain side since the referendum result, has been the confusing continuation of Brexiteer rage.  Despite being capitulated to in every way, the typical Leave voter still seems to be so, so furious.

They demand a referendum, get it, and are still angry.

They demand a leave vote, get it, but continue raging.

They demand article 50 is triggered, this happens, and still they bawl and bellow.

They demand we leave the customs union, both main parties agree to this, yet on they strop!


We see them on Question Time, and witness their words on comments boards all over the internet.  Middle-class, middle-management older male golf-club bores in their thousands, pinched expressions on their red faces, shouting indignant, offended fury at anyone they see with a different opinion.  Bald, crimson, embittered heads atop expensive yet nondescript shirts, spitting feathers and screaming their insatiable vitriol into the world.

A demographic which has been capitulated to and serviced their entire lives;

When they were young, there was social housing, so rents and mortgages were cheap.  Not that this mattered, as they had reliable jobs and zero student debt.

When they wanted a wider range of cheaper goods and easier travel, they voted themselves into Europe, taking advantage of its benefits for 40 years

When they wanted to buy a house, Thatcher helped them.

She then failed to replace the social housing, rapidly increasing the value of Generation Brexit’s homes.

When they reached the age at which they no longer wanted to travel abroad, their easily-led, misty-eyed jingoism made them vote Leave, yet again denying their children opportunities which they had enjoyed.


From the moment they were born, Generation Brexit has been given every possible unfair advantage over their children.  Everything they have demanded, they have received.  Every self-righteous insistence and entitled desire have been supplied by successive governments, at their children’s expense. . .

And yet still they are so angry!  Screaming in impotent, beetroot-faced indignation whenever they can.  Like spoiled toddlers, the more they get, the less satisfied they seem.  This is frustrating, hilarious, and terrifying.

Frustrating, because they cannot be parleyed with, refuse to see beyond their own privilege, continue with their victim neuroses and persecution complexes even as they wallow in a luxury the next generation can only dream of.

Hilarious, because so long as they hold onto this perpetual sense of persecution, no matter what they materially take, we have won.  The government may cede to their every foot-stamping demand, may continue privileging them at the expense of their children, but so long as they persist in making themselves less happy than us, we have won.  We can amuse ourselves forever by laughing in their rage-faces, as every new victory pushes them closer to bursting a blood vessel.

But mostly, their perpetual victim complex is terrifying.  Because Generation Brexit have the State wrapped around their finger, and they will always need someone new to blame.

When we leave the EU, Generation Brexit will not be happy, because they CANNOT be happy.  They do not know how.

They will need a new target to excuse their failings, a new focus for their irreconcilable outrage, and then another, and another.  Next up will be minority religions, the disabled, the lgbtq community, ‘lefties’ and liberals.

And this, is how fascism starts.  A demographic which forever needs to be inconsolably angry at someone or something, gets the government responding to their every whim – helped, of course, by a press which will do anything to distract from the crimes of its elite-owners, a mainstream media which will gladly stoke the fires of hate to make a few bucks, whilst protecting the aristocratic cliques which control it.

Generation Brexit.  Doomed to eternal dissatisfaction.  Annoying, funny, and very, VERY dangerous.

Unrestrained capitalism invariably leads to fascism


Phase 1) From a mythical year zero, capitalism is ‘fair’. Those who work harder or smarter end up with more money.  Capitalist dogma demands there are winners and losers, and, at an imaginary point in which all people start off with a fair opportunity to prove themselves, those who win ‘deserve’ to.

Phase 2) However, inheritance and accumulation of capital means the next generation – individuals and companies – begins with an unfair advantage. It takes no skill or merit to be born to wealthy parents. Instead of competing to provide a better service, companies use capital to employ lawyers, lobbyists, accountants, market-manipulators and advertisers to crush smaller, better competitors.

Phase 3) Society is unfair. Merit is no longer rewarded. Corporate and personal inheritance reigns supreme. Being born to rich parents mean you will end up rich, and vice versa. Large corporations are considered ‘too big to fail’, but small businesses are economically bullied, undercut, and forced into bankruptcy.

Phase 4) Large amounts of people begin to realise, from their daily, lived experience, that society is not fair. This worries the hereditary elites.

Phase 5) The hereditary elites have bought up all media, and ruthlessly dominate all public narrative. Fearing revolution, they use this monopoly on propaganda to foster animosity between different groups of poor people (e.g. between migrant and native workers), protecting themselves.

Phase 6) Phases 3, 4 and 5 intensify until such a point where most people live in poverty, and are desperate for a ‘solution’. People know they are being oppressed, and see the need for want violence to undo it. In order to deflect attention from themselves, the elite-controlled media push for war and ethnic cleansing. Fascism now exists