The long-list of Tory failure. And how to win the argument against conservative apologists

Steps for winning the argument against Tory apologists

1 – Outline some or all of the failures below

2 – When faced with ‘no magic money tree’, and ‘we have to live within our means’ economically illiterate counter-arguments, point out the many ludicrous things the Tories have found money for.

3 – When they then try to counter with ‘we need tories because labour is fiscally incompetent’, provide statistical evidence that the reverse is actually true


Between 2010 and 2015 the Tories slashed £20 billion off the NHS budget.

Current spending plans involve a further £22 billion in funding cuts by 2020

Fifteen thousand beds have been cut since the Tories came to power

60,000 seriously ill people had to wait over four hours in December 2016 alone.

Labour consistently hit 98% target of patients waiting under 4 hours in A&E.  Now, its down to 85%

When Labour left office, every single NHS trust operated at a surplus.  Now 5/6 operate at a deficit

In the past year 193,406 people did not get the operation they needed within 18 weeks

Ambulance waiting times skyrocketing – 20,000 waiting over an hour under Labour.  80,000 now.

Junior doctors debacle

People are having to wait four weeks to see a GP.  The average wait is two weeks

Demanding that pensioners – who have paid taxes all their lives – pay for their own social care.

Social care slashed by 4.6bn during rising demand due to aging population

Social care underfunding sending people to A&E who should be helped at home

65 hospital trusts issuing emergency alerts

400,000 patients waited more than 4 hours in A&E when Labour left office.  Now its 1,400,000

40% of mental health trusts saw budgets cut in 2015/16

Police cells are being used to substitute for people who need mental health beds

Suicides rising and mental health services falling

International Red Cross warning of humanitarian crisis in the NHS

Life expectancy decreasing for first time in 50 years

Applications for nursing degrees down 23% after bursaries scrapped

Infant mortality worsening for first time in 50 years

Scrapped NHS bursaries, causing 10,000 decline in applications for nursing courses

Add to that NHS staff from EU countries are quitting the NHS in record numbers

And you get a massive NHS recruitment crisis


This trashing of the NHS should enrage people who consider themselves conservatives more than anyone else.  A central tenet of Conservatism as a political philosophy, is the preservation and conservation of treasured national institutions.  Nothing fits this bill more than the NHS.  It is (was) the envy of the world, the most effective, humanitarian and cost-effective health service to have ever existed, and had remained so for seventy years under both Labour and Conservative governments.  Now, this great British institution has been trashed by a government which claims to be ‘conservative’, purely as a justification for selling it off into private hands, and driving desperate patients into the hands of corrupt private healthcare providers with links to Jeremy Hunt and a whole host of other Tory MPs

Elderly & disabled

Cuts disproportionately target the disabled

Failure to invest in services vital for the elderly, such as libraries, post offices & local buses

Failure to protect pensions

Dementia tax

Bedroom tax

Forcing retirees to sell their homes to pay for their care

Number of over 65s needing emergency financial help for monthly pension up 95% since 2015

UK government breaching international law with welfare reforms

90 people a month dying after being declared ‘fit for work’



Government was likely to miss its 2020 renewable energy target

Flooding costs £1billion a year but flood defences cut by £250million

Fox hunting!

Tax breaks for fracking firms


Tax hikes for renewable energy firms



Housing crisis/bubble

Rents outstripping wage ‘growth’ (actually a real-terms loss), especially in London

Number of homeless families up from 44,000 to 65,000 since tories came to power

Housebuilding at its lowest level since 1920s

Worst social mobility in the developed world

Brits cannot afford a first home, but Saudi, Russian and Chinese oligarchs can buy up half of London

400,000 more children living in relative poverty since tories came to power

Huge rise in food bank dependency – up 1000% since Tories came to power.  1 million parcels.

Homelessness quadrupled

Number of homeless families placed in B&Bs longer than legal limit up 800%

4 million children (¼) live in poverty, (even under tories’ more lenient redefinition) ¾ from working homes

Home repossessions climbing

Huge fall in the number of first-time buyers

Housing crisis worsening

Failure to invest in social housing forcing the poorest into the hands of criminal landlords

Child poverty doubled since 2010, up by 400,000

IFS reveals that under Tory spending plans the worst hit group will be poor families with children.

Young people not starting families due to zero-hour contracts and insecure tenancies.

Tories vote down amendment to ensure rented accommodation is “fit for human habitation”.


Employment and economy

In-work poverty has skyrocketed

Wages have stagnated by more than any other developed nation – ever.

For 1st time since 1920s, people earning less at the end of a government than the beginning.

Workers being fined for claiming unfair dismissal

Cut £30 ESA to ‘encourage disabled people back to work’. . .

. . .  then closed Remploy centres where they actually were working!

Underemployment – UK at bottom of European league for people desiring more work;

The earnings decline of UK workers is currently the worst for 163 years

In 2016 UK productivity fell by its greatest margin since the 2008 recession

Workforce at 14% less productivity than pre-crisis levels

Attempt to increase tax on the self-employed only U-turned after massive opposition.

Attacks on union rights

Quadrupling of number of workers on zero-hours contracts

Massive increase in insecure, short-term, agency work with no hope for long term contracts.

Massive increase in phoney ‘self employment’ schemes

Reduction in parental rights at work

Reduction in maternity rights at work

Reduction in unfair dismissal rights at work –

Cuts to legal aid mean it costs £1,200 to make a claim of unfair dismissal

U-turn on mandatory presence of workers on company boards

Inflation outstripping wages – cost of living rising

highest childcare fees in Europe

Huge increase in exploitative employers (BHS, Sports Direct, Amazon etc.)

While UK workers suffered most stagnated wages, a tiny super rich minority doubled their wealth.

Uk is most unequal country in Europe, with the lowest social mobility

Corporations paying less tax than their employees

19 million people (30% of population) living below national minimum income standards

UK has second lowest growth rate in the entire Western world



30,000 shortfall in teacher numbers

99% of all UK schools seeing funding cut

£500 average loss per pupil per year

Biggest education cuts in decades

Unqualified teachers replacing the properly trained

200% increase in tuition fees.

Introduction of interest on tuition fees

We have seen literacy levels falling

Education of poorer children being hit the worst

Free Schools syphoning money away from other schools.

Unwanted privatisation of schools

Attempt to turn ALL schools into private academies scuppered by their own MPs

Unwanted and rejected Grammar schools proposals – rejected by Tory’s own MPs

Since 2010 350 Sure Start centres have been closed by the government

Adult education suffered a massive 24% cut in funding –190,000 fewer places available,

Adult skills budget has been cut by an eye-watering 40%

Student debt increased by £30,000 per student

English students now face the highest fees in the world for study at public universities.

2/3 of graduates will never be able to pay off their student debts

9% aspiration tax on graduates disposable incomes for their entire working lives.

Privatising state schools, property and all, for free, into private sector pseudo-charities,


Public services
Between 2010 and 2015 the Tories slashed 30% off the fire service budget

Loss of 10,000 firefighter jobs, with plans to cut 20% more jobs by 2020

Closure of 39 fire stations.

Between 2015 and 2020 they intend to slash another 20%.

In 2015/16 the number of fire deaths increased by 17.4%.

All the above statistics are based on data from before the Grenfell disaster.

Fire chiefs warn that cuts endanger lives.  Cuts proceed anyway.  Grenfell.

Quality and efficiency of public services falling

Quality and efficiency of public transport falling

UK has the most expensive, most over-crowded and least reliable rail service in Europe

Re-privatisation of the East Coast mainline.  From 2009 – 2015 the nationalised service brought £1billion in to treasury coffers, had record high satisfaction ratings and increased profits

Subsidy free for all that replaced British Rail.

Since rail privatisation in 1995 rail tickets have gone up by 117%,

Uk trains are slower than our European counterparts’ nationalised services,

Cost to the public of running the railways has more than doubled.

Cost to subsidise private rail is twice the cost of running the rails publicly

Over 90% of rail profits paid straight to Shareholders without considering passenger or taxpayer

Outsourcing corporations having contracts renewed automatically with no competitive process.

Cut local government budgets so harshly that Cameron’s own council plead for him to stop.




Theresa May axes 1000 border guards

Border Force cut by £60 million on Theresa May’s watch as Home Secretary and PM

Border Force morale at all-time low after frontline cuts under Tories and May


Police and crime


May cuts 20,000 soldiers, 5000 seamen, and 5000 airmen

Lowest troop numbers since the 18th Century, with plans to cut 30,000 more!

May cuts 20,000 frontline police roles

Total police numbers down 200,000

May cuts police budget by 20%

Violent crime increased by 96% between 2012-2016, reversing a decades-long downwards trend.

Overall crime increasing for first time in 50 years

Hate crimes up 100%

4-fold increase in armed robbery

Corporate crime/tax avoidance skyrocket, but prosecutions rejected in favour of sweetheart tax deals

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary say police cuts are “dangerous” and “disturbing”

May cuts counter-terrorism & cyber security in real terms

Legal Aid has been cut, creating what Amnesty International calls a “two-tier justice system”



Corbyn warns cuts make terrorist attacks more likely – May says he’s “scaremongering”

Theresa May sells ISIS billions of pounds of weapons via Saudi Arabia.

Theresa May, allows ‘rebel fighters’, (including Manchester bomber) free movement to oust Gadhafi

14 years of Labour sees 1 major terrorist attack – 2 years of Tory majority sees 4

Corbyn speaks to Sinn Fein in 1985 – Thatcher negotiates with IRA directly in 1981!

Theresa May has been in charge of security in the UK for the last 7 years.

Four terror attacks in as many months on Theresa May’s watch

Libya has been made unstable through intervention



Cut and privatisation of prison guards leads to;

In 2016 a record number of 119 inmates took their own lives,

37 thousand incidents of self-harm in prisons and over

25 thousand assaults; 6430 of these were against staff; a rise of 40% on 2015

Prison numbers climbing, but still crime keeps rising

Prison riots

Private companies like G4S failing prison and probation systems, freeing felons early.


17% of women’s refuges have had to close in 2010

In a typical day 103 children and 155 women are turned away from over-pressured refuge centres

Unwanted introduction of Police and Crime Commissioners

Tories committed electoral fraud in 2015. already paid the maximum fine for cheating democracy,




U-turns on national insurance, grammar schools, fox hunting, workers on company boards

Tory donors named in Panama and Paradise papers

Almost £60million has been cut from the parks budget

In some Labour governed areas, Westminster cuts have been 5x in Tory-voting areas

In 2015 Tories won a seat for every 34,244 votes.  It took Labour an average of 40,290 per seat;

. . . That ratio is set to become more unfair after the boundary changes take effect

Theresa May’s husband’s company paid no corporation tax in 8 years on £500 million profits.

£93bn a year in corporate subsidies

Failing, tax-dodging companies awarded public contracts (Carillion, Capita)

Sold British trains to Dutch and German state on the cheap

Sold British power generation to French company and Chinese state on the cheap
Theresa May wants to join Belarus as the only European nation that doesn’t adhere to human rights legislation


Fiscal competence

All of the above failings are excused by Tory apologists with the economically illiterate idea that “Tough choices need to be made” and “There’s no more money” and “We’re all in this together.

The idea that there is ‘no more money’ rings hollow when the top 1% has doubled their net worth since the crash, especially when you consider some of the blundering economic incompetence and fiscal idiocy administered by the Tories, including;

Anti-welfare schemes which cost more to administer in corporate fees than they save.

Promised deficit would be surplus by 2015.  Now admit it won’t even be back to Labour’s level until 2025

17% economic growth in 7 years touted as a victory – actually almost the worst growth in British history

Debt doubled since 2010 – more new debt created than every labour government in history COMBINED!

UK lost its AAA rating with 2 agencies.  This didn’t happen under Labour even during 2008 financial crash!

Allowed HMRC to draw up sweetheart tax deals with massive corporations

Google get to negotiate a 3% tax deal when ordinary working people must pay what they owe

UK dropped from 5th to 7th in World economic rankings in less than a year on Theresa May’s watch (never happened under Labour)

The pound hits its lowest rate against the dollar in over 30 years.

£ then drops to its lowest EVER level (never happened under Labour)

The economy is stagnating

Productivity crisis

£1bn lost due to inheritance tax cuts for the richest

£56bn lost to cuts in corporation tax

£360mn lost to cuts to top rate of tax

£120bn lost due to tax dodging

Trade deficit

Refusing to invest, even though the weak £ means that public borrowing has never been cheaper.

A blank cheque for the private companies that operate Trident

Promising to use taxpayers’ cash to pay twice going rate for electricity for 35 years at Hinkley C

Hinkley cleanup cost at the taxpayers’ expense too.

Sold British trains to the Dutch and German states on the cheap

Sold British infrastructure projects to the Chinese state on the cheap

ATOS ‘fit to work’ schemes led to the early deaths of 1000s of disabled people cost more to run than they save

George Osborne borrowed more in three years as Chancellor than Labour did in 13 years of government

George Osborne cut top rate of tax giving the UKs 13,000 millionaires a minimum of a £100,000 tax cut each

Police chiefs say cuts are increasing terrorism risk.  Cuts go ahead anyway. 3 terror attacks in 3 months.

Fire chiefs say cuts are endangering lives.  Cuts go ahead anyway.  Grenfell.

Doctors say cuts are endangering patient lives.  Cuts go ahead anyway.  Life expectancy drops.

Again, all these failures, all this proven decline in the living standards and opportunities for the vast majority of the country’s citizens are explained away with a “we have to blance the books” rhetoric and a “Sorry, there’s no magic money tree”.  However, it turns out there actually is a ‘magic money tree’ which, despite not paying out for education, health , or housing, has been able to;




Print £475 Billion and give it to failing banks under the guise of ‘Quantitative Easing’

Promise these banks a further £200 billion to mitigate the effects of Brexit on the City of London

Find £150 billion to fund Trident, an unusable WMD

Subsidise failing private rail firms at twice the cost of running the trains publicly

Agree 50 billion EU divorce bill with barely a moment’s protest

Set aside £500 million for blue passports

Bribe the DUP with £1bn in order to prop up May’s minority government

Set out an 11% increase in MP’s pay, when almost every other public-sector worker has seen a real-terms cut

Subsidise private energy firms with public money

Write off billions of unpaid corporate tax

Proposing £100 million for a new royal yacht

£227 million bailout for private firms running failing probation services


So, as we see, there actually is a magic money tree, its just that it is only able to print and distribute money to already wealthy groups and individuals, and is unable to enable taxes paid to be spent on health


How much longer can the apologists keep blaming the only major party which hasn’t had any control of the country for almost a decade?!  If its all Labours fault, how come its got so much worse since the tories took over?!


Brexit as the standard imperialist trick – the old Coin and flag switch!

When seen through the lens of historical British imperialism, Brexit makes a lot more sense. It’s a move this country has played countless times in the past. The trick goes like this;
1) We start off claiming to be ‘open bordered internationalists’. In real terms this means we want the freedom to go where we please, exploit new markets, develop new resource streams, and take advantage of the opportunities presented by expanding beyond our borders. . . all under the guise of ‘the free market’. We use the idea of open borders and free trade to enter other countries and continents, co-opt their resources, and move them back to Great Britain. This is The Era of the Coin.
2) Once we have moved all the resources we can from an area, we begin to retreat and consolidate back at home. By this time, the inhabitants of the areas we have exploited, are beginning to notice our thievery, and think to themselves “Well, if they are going to steal all our resources and take them back to England, maybe we should move to England to enjoy some of that which is rightfully ours”
3) At this point, we play the switch. Like a magician, we swap the coin for the flag. Suddenly, far from being the open bordered free-marketeers we were five minutes ago, we are suddenly closed-bordered, protectionist patriots, pulling up the drawbridge! We take advantage of open-bordered internationalism, syphon off as much as we can to the motherland, then run away and put up walls to prevent those we exploited coming to claim their share of the pie!
Although I would never compare the brutal way we treated Africa and the Middle-East with how we have treated the EU, the principle is basically the same. We spent 40 years enjoying the benefits of the four freedoms of the EU; A wider range of cheaper goods – from fruit and veg all the way up to cars, greater ease in buying property in Europe (as many of the belligerent, baby-boomer Brexiteers did with their villas in Spain), much cheaper and easier travel, the freedom to work, live, and learn across he continent. We were the poor man of Europe, but we grew rich off the EU. . .
But then, when EU residents realised and started to come to Britain in larger numbers, we immediately changed from open-bordered free-marketeers, to insular, protectionist nationalists! Never forget, that all the people and newspapers who are now demanding we leave the EU, were the same people and newspapers who demanded we enter the EEC 40 years ago!
The hypocrisy is staggering, but the trick is genius. When we want to drain foreign lands, we claim to love open borders and free trade. When we want to protect ourselves from anyone else having a cut of these exploited resources, we claim we love closed borders and protectionism!

Nationalism and baby-boomer conservatism – hypocritical enemies of merit

In the following criticism, I do not attack all brands of conservatism.  This is an attack specifically on the hypocritical shift towards prescriptive conservatism that comes with age.  I hold some respect for people who consistently and throughout their lifetime, both preached and practiced conservative restraint.  There is virtue in restraint, calmness, order in one’s life.

My scorn is for people who wish to forcefully inflict their conservatism upon others by force of law, those who preach restraint, order, calmness, family values, hard work etc, but who have actually spent their entire lives demonstrating the opposite of these attributes.

An example would be the Eton crowd who spent their youth keeping Colombian cocaine cartels in business, then grew up to tell the poor that “drugs are bad, m’kay”, and crack down with harsh penalties on less well-off and younger drug takers.  The idea that “I had a youth full of drugs, promiscuous sex, debauchery and partying. . . but now that I lack the energy to do these things anymore, I think everybody else should be prevented from doing them!”

This jealous, spiteful, authoritarian outlook is always excused with mealy-mouthed ‘learn from my mistakes’ clichés, which they of course would reject as ‘nanny-state interference’ if anyone suggested they should be applied to the conservative hypocrite’s love of alcohol, for example.

Today’s aging conservatives will tell us young’uns that we are debauched, unthinking degenerates, narcissistic, shallow wasters, that today’s generation are just getting high all the time, dancing, listening to loud music, and lost in narcissism – the millennials have lost their way. . .

The hypocrites making these claims, however, grew up in the 1960s – a decade of free love, rolling round in fields painted green, and tripping your nuts off on lsd!

The vast majority of those conservatives who now call for national service to be brought back, are those who are too young to have fought in ww2, but too old to be conscripted now.  Utter, utter hypocrites – “Free love for me, national service for my kids!”

This is not what conservatism always was, however. . . this is what baby-boomer conservatism specifically looks like.  It has turned conservatism into another of those ideologies, like nationalism and fascism, which says people should be given preferential treatment not based on merit, but on accident of birth – that people should not be rewarded based on the content of their character, but on the time and place of their birth.

Just as nationalism states that a person should be given preferential treatment and extra privileges based on where they were born, so modern, baby-boomer conservatism states people should receive unjust advantages based on when they were born.

This is most keenly demonstrated by fact that the wealth of advantages baby-boomers received (affordable housing, free university education, secure employment contracts etc.etc.etc.) are now written off by these same boomers with clichés about ‘crazy leftist Marxist socialism’ and ‘magic money trees’.

Both nationalism and baby-boomer conservatism consider time and place (when and where an individual was born) to be more important than skill, ambition, and enterprise.  Both laud the luck-of-the-draw experienced by the baby boomer generation and ‘natives’, both say that these grid references and dates are inherently more virtuous and worthy of unfair advantage simply by virtue of being when and where I was born.

As such, both ideologies manage to combine a curiously spiteful, vain, and narcissistic strain of individualism with an exclusivist, homogenous, stagnant and static ideal of conformist collectivism based on either place (nationalism), heritage (fascism), and time (baby-boomer conservatism).  Nothing can ever improve so long as these ideologies take hold because they all aspire to something fixed and unevolving, in which no flaws will ever be addressed because everything is always someone else’s fault, either the foreign (nationalism/fascism) or the youth (baby-boomer conservatism).

Project Broadside – a union between everyone, from Socialist to Moderate Conservative, against Nationalism

Project Broadside

Project Broadside is a vision, an idea to unite people from across the political spectrum in resistance to a growing and terrifying threat which is rising in this country.  This land is being corrupted by a poisonous and hateful rhetoric, brought on by the rise of ukip,  a political party which, whether you voted Brexit or Remain, has been the source of more fear, anger, and division than any other.

The ‘United’ Kingdom Independence Party is responsible for more division in these isles than any other force in its history.  Their narrative has set the young and old against each other, Scotland and Northern Ireland against Wales and England, the cities against the countryside, the native against the ‘immigrant’.  No-one has done more to divide this country than the party which claims unity.  Project Broadside means a coalition between Green, Lib-Dem, Labour, Plaid, SNP and moderate conservatives against the poisoning of the narrative in this language by a right wing press and politics which seeks to divide us and weaken the common man through mutual hostility.

Nationalism, bordering on fascism is beginning to rear its ugly head in this land.  We see a hatred stoked daily by a divisive and polluting press pushing the kind of narratives openly endorsed by the far-right.  Recently, we have seen this press become so obsessed with insular, closed-minded nationalism, that when a tiny number of orphaned refugee children seek to re-join with their families in Britain, the headline writers demand ‘medical checks’ to determine their age, even when this has already been effectively and rigorously verified.

There is a truly nasty narrative being pushed onto the British people, and, against our nature, we are slowly starting to succumb, slowly starting to accept the lies.  The idea that any form of compassion, any form of solidarity or altruism is evidence of mental deficiency or weakness.  Day in, day out, there is a background hum, stoked by ukip and the tory-right of selfishness, mean-spiritedness and cold-heartedness which is not natural to or healthy for our individual collective psyche.

To counter this, Project Broadside calls for a truce, a period of unity between factions which are frequently at odds, an alliance like the one seen between Labour and Conservative which stood up both to the Third Reich abroad and Mosley’s fascists at home.  These factions need to recognise that, although they may have fundamental disagreements about the best route into the future, and may view each other’s political outlooks as fundamentally flawed, the divisive and threatening rhetoric brought on by the rise of the far right poses a much greater threat to the integrity and stability of these isles.

Project Broadside proposes a very wide coalition against this danger.  A full spectrum laying-down of arms from everyone from anarchist to conservative, communist to liberal, trade unionist to progressive to socialist to free-market businessman – Nationalism and fascism threaten us all more than we threaten each other – we have more in common, than that which divides us.  Nationalism and its big brother fascism are an enemy to liberal and conservative alike, to capitalist, communist and socialist, to young and old, to country, town and city.

Project Broadside emphasises its temporary nature.  The idea of an Anarcho-Syndicalist and a Conservative uniting in anything other than emergency scenarios is impossible.  We can – and must – go back to our old disagreements once this threat is countered, once the sort of braying fiends who comment on articles of children dying on boats in the Mediterranean with a ‘lol’ and a smiley emoji, are kicked back down into the gutter where they belong.

We must come together as one people to extract this cancer.  We may disagree with each other passionately the rest of the time, but what threatens Britain right now is more than disagreement about details, it is a fundamental threat to our core values, being imposed upon us by big money, stealth, deception and lies.

This means Blairites working with Corbynistas, because the alternative is worse than both.  It involves Liberals and moderate conservatives working together, because now is not the time for division between those who would oppose fascism

It involves people from all political walks who would consider themselves patriotic, rather than nationalistic, uniting.   We must all now take a look in the mirror and recognise the ugly head which has been reared in recent years, personified in Theresa May’s harshly nationalist speeches.

We need a progressive union, and that needs to include progressive conservatives.

We call upon liberal democrats who see the horror of nationalism rising

We call on the labour left and the labour centre to cease fighting – now is not the time

We call upon liberal antifascists and militant antifascists to recognise that there can be no room for divisions – antifascism is a multi-pronged fork; all approaches are valid provided they do not deliberately stymie other approaches.

We also call upon those brexiters who have seen a vote which they intended only as a rebellion against a political union, being hijacked by the bigoted and hateful.

This is Project Broadside, and it is the only way to save our country.   A full union of moderate conservatives, socialists, business leaders, capitalists, communists, liberals, democrats, anarchists, remainers and brexiters.  Conservative, Labour, Lib-Dem, Green, SNP, Plaid, SDLP – everyone needs to recognise that, for a short while, we must forget about our smaller differences and focus on the true threat – Nationalism is toxic to all of us;

  • Nationalism/fascism is anti-conservative, because the values of hard work, enterprise, family life, and community cohesion which conservatives value are superseded by the demands of sacrifice for the nation-state and a hatred of foreigners. Many of the hard-working immigrant families targeted by ukip’s narrative would consider themselves conservative.
  • Nationalism/fascism is anti-liberal because it demands conformity and has no respect for individual uniqueness.
  • Nationalism/fascism is anti-socialist because it does not recognise union rights or the rights of anyone not born in one place and obedient to one leader
  • Nationalism/fascism is anti-capitalist because it infringes on the rights of employer and employee to enter into a free contract with one another, and to trade goods freely, without the interference of the state at the borders.
  • Nationalism/fascism is anti-progressive because it takes the conservative narrative of ‘traditional values’ and twists it into a hatred of the modern, rather than a love of the traditional. There can be no progress whilst fascism is dragging us back to an animal state.

So you see, there is no ideology as damaging to such a diverse selection of others as that proposed by nationalism and fascism!

Project Broadside, thus, aims to unite the whole spectrum from the left to the centre to the centre-right.   Britain is better than this, more humane than the narratives coming from ukip, through the tory right, into Theresa May’s speeches.

Nationalism is inherently anti-worker.

I think that there is actually much intuitive, aesthetic, and compassionate agreement between the lib-dems and Labour, both the centre and left of Labour.  A pro-business lib-dem may never vote for anything they consider far-left, but this is not what uniting these different factions is about.  It is about recognising and uniting against the hate which has hijacked Brexit, lib-dems may consider far left philosophies dangerous, but, at this moment in time, it is not the far left which threatens us.  Unite against the far-right, neutralise it, then go back to the old disagreements.

The most intuitive part of the Project Broadside is the progressive alliance, a cessation of hostility between Labour, lib-dem, green, SNP, and Plaid.  Whatever differences these groups have ever had, whatever bad blood you may feel for one or more of them, the threat rising in the UK from the far right is worse than anything else.

People may dislike Labour because of PFI in the NHS, but what’s worse is the empowerment of people who believe we should have religious purity tests on the border.

People may not like the lib-dems because of tuition fees, but a collapsing economy due to inwards-looking nationalism is worse.  There are legitimate grievances between Labour, Lib-Dem and Green voters, and we must return to these disagreements once the nationalist threat is countered.  But for now, the Progressive Alliance MUST come about.  The greater challenge, but one which must be met, is to include into this alliance the moderate, liberal conservative.

Project Broadside put into practice simply means voting for the strongest progressive candidate in our area out of the Lib-dems, Green, Labour or SNP or Plaid or, if you are a moderate conservative, writing to your conservative candidate to let them know that your vote is no longer taken for granted – that of they fall to the divisive rhetoric of ukip, then they no longer truly represent you.

I now realise I am asking capitlaists and socialists to join hands, free marketers, businessmen and trade unionists to unite, employers and employees to join as one to fight this danger.  Because you see, though I identify in some ways as a socialist with a small s, I know that fascism is as detrimental to true capitalism as it is to everything else.

A true capitalist believes the best man should get the job, a nationalist believes the closest man should get the job – and industry, enterprise, and entrepreneurship suffer as the feckless and lazy are given preference over the industrious and smart, just because they were born in a certain area.  Competition is stifled, and profits stagnate as a result.

Historically, the times when all sides join together, when we strike down the divisions of the extremes, we succeed and prosper.  After ww2, capitalism and socialism worked together to usher in a new dawn, a new boost in living conditions and opportunity.  Britain flourishes when we proceed as one along the middle way.  The far right, if they continue to influence our politics, if they continue their stealthy journey into the heart of the Tory party, will see this land wither.

Capitalism, when left to go stagnant, may contain the seeds and soil of fascism, but fresh capitalism, capitalism without unfair inherited advantage and cartels and corporate complacency, is as opposed to fascism as all the other ideologies.

To conservatives, Project Broadside asks you to look at the ideology being peddled by ukip, the so-called conservative press, and certain sections of the Tory party and ask yourselves – does this really represent my values?  I may not consider myself a conservative, but I hope I am right in my understanding that conservatism is about the value of family, the self-respect gained by hard work and self-sufficiency, the idea of a stable community, and the advantages which can be gained through enterprise?

Another group which must be part of Project Broadside are Brexiteers.

First and foremost, I will lay my cards on the table; I voted Remain.  However, I respect the result but argue that Brexit does not mean the country has to become some kind of ultra-fascist police state.  We can make Brexit work without resorting to the divisive and dangerous politics of the far right.

The question on the ballot paper was not “Shall we ‘send them back’”.  It was not “Shall we end immigration”, it was “shall Britain Remain part of the EU, or Leave the EU” – what form this eventually takes was never voted on.  Norway and Switzerland have free movement, but are not in the EU.  If just 1/30 Brexit voters changed their vote if they realised it would unleash the kind of ultra-nationalist maniacs which have begun to hijack their cause, then the result would have gone the other way.

Brexiteers may have voted as they did for any number of non-racist and even non-nationalist reasons – the political influence of Brussels, the cost, questions of sovereignty or democracy or over-regulation.  They may also have been ‘lexiteers’, who voted against what they see as a capitalist and corporate union.     These people may be horrified to see the sorts of influences which have now hijacked their vote.  Even if you voted Brexit out of concerns over immigration, the sorts of extreme far right ideas concerning ‘vetting’, ‘quotas’ and ‘lists’ and ‘medical checks’ of immigrants (even including legal immigrants!) may strike you as more extreme than you would ever have been willing to endorse, as must some of the more extreme rhetoric seen from ukip, the right wing press, and the comments boards.

I say to anyone who voted Brexit – we can still leave the EU without descending into the kind of fearful, hateful, divisive nationalist dogma coming from the conservative right wing – from blukip.  You may have voted to leave the EU because you saw it as undemocratic – this does not mean you signed up to have entirely legal foreign born workers put onto ‘a list’.  You may have not wanted a corporate or socialist union trampling on your sovereignty – but you never expected the government to enact the kind of horrific, 1984 style ‘rat out your friends, neighbours and co-workers’ rhetoric present in May’s speech.

There are people who voted Brexit who would be horrified to associate themselves with the kind of ultra-nationalist ghouls who comment on news articles about drowning refugee children with a ‘laughing’ emoji, who hear of a human being dying under a lorry and respond with “shame it was only one – lol!”

Brexiters have as much a part to play in Project Broadside as anyone else, it is the Brextremists we must unite against.

Conspiracy Theorist ‘uncharacteristically trusting’ towards Russia

A man who is consistently suspicious about the motives of all states, corporations and institutions has revealed that the normal rules of power, influence and ‘big-government’ weirdly don’t apply to Russia.

Alt-right shitwhistle Wayne Hayes confirmed the immutable innocence and transparency of any agency or individual east of the Baltics;

“It may seem a crazy coincidence that everyone in a position of power in Russia has entirely pure and noble intentions, and everyone in a position of power in the West is an evil, manipulative plotter, but that’s just what ‘they’ want you to think. . .and by ‘they’, I mean everyone except Russia.

“Agree with me or you are a sheep”

“Western society is just a sham democracy” he confirmed “Nothing more than system of collaboration and cronyism between big government and powerful corporations, who use a tightly controlled media to brainwash the majority of the population, crush all dissent, piece together a narrative which favours the powerful, and create a society of massive wealth inequality.

“Which is nothing like Russia at all.”

America is a large country obsessed with control over petrochemicals on the world stage via shadowy collaborations between the deep state and big corporations. . . But whoever could imagine such a ridiculous notion as a Russian oil oligarch or company with close ties of corruption to their country’s government?!

There is a secret network of corrupt despots who control governments, corporations, the weather, the tides, solar radiation and the earth’s magnetic field, and who use a variety of dark alien technologies to influence every aspect of everyone’s lives for their own nefarious schemes – except in Russia, where total freedom exists.

You’d think that a gigantic country with a proven track record in espionage and an array of well-funded agencies set up exclusively to carry out covert operations, might occasionally plot against people, but that’s just the typical thinking of an illuminati-brainwashed sheep.

British governments, German governments, Israeli governments, American governments, all of them are run according solely to the secret agendas of a small band of elitist cronies at the top. . . Russia, despite also being a massive country, is somehow immune to these apparently inviolable tendencies of the wealthy and corrupt, and is run entirely according to the pure visions of infalliably altruistic saints, who only want access to immense power and wealth in order to be nice to people.

Vladimir Putin is an utterly humble man without a single agenda other than the good of the Russian people – he shuns self-promotion and would never rely on a toadying and sycophantic media to achieve his ends – the only reason every single Russian newspaper outlet unquestioningly supports his every move is because he is so undoubtedly, flawlessly, honest, decent and open!

What possible threat could Europe ever face from a monolithic, one-party, expansionist Russia?  Even if such an entity existed, I fail to see what it could possibly gain from using subterfuge to fracture and divide Europe – when has Russia ever spied on the West, or used devious means to exert influence over Mainland Europe?  You’re living in cloud-cuckoo land!

“The Kremlin involved in espionage inside other nations?  Yeah, sounds real likely – who needs the tin foil hat now, you maniac!?”

Governments always control their citizens except in Russia.  Massive corporations always seek to exploit the poor except in Russia.  Large secretive agencies in the hands of powerful elites always set out to divide and conspire except in Russia.

As John Acton said: “Power corrupts except in Russia, and absolute power corrupts absolutely except in Russia.”

The Modern Western Conservative Hypocrite

The Modern Western Conservative:

“I believe the government should have an army of pen-pushing, meddling bureaucrats, to administer nanny-state micro-management of our immigration policy.

I believe the government should back these pen-pushers up with hundreds of thousands of state border guards.

I believe that central government, using tick-list ‘points based systems’, reams of red-tape, and mountains of paperwork, should decide which workers are needed and, thus, allowed entry into the country, rather than the market.

I believe the government should enforce religious purity tests at the border.

I believe the government should be able to force a free enterprise to employ the most local, rather than the most talented, workers.

I believe the government, rather than individuals, should have ultimate say on who can enter an area – even if that area is owned by an apparently free citizen.  If an individual who freely owns their own property wants to invite a refugee onto that property, I believe the state should interfere and tell them ‘no’, if the government says their paperwork isn’t correct.

I believe the government should have the ultimate control over life via the death penalty

I believe the government should control which drugs we are allowed to consume

I believe the government should control who can marry whom

I believe the government should have ultimate control over every woman’s womb

I believe the government should have nuclear weapons

I believe the government should build more prisons to incarcerate ever higher percentages of the population

I believe the government should have more cops to defend the status quo

I believe the government should spend more on the military to expand the range of this status quo.

I believe we need more government Stormtroopers to crush people’s legitimate right to protest.

I want government regulations to control gender and sexuality rights

Oh, and by the way. . .


I passionately believe in small government!”


The modern conservative is a complete contradiction – they claim to be ‘small government’, yet are also fiercely nationalist.  But there can be no country without government!  Practically the only thing an anarcho-capitalist and an anarcho-syndicalist will agree on is ‘no borders’!  Before country, there was only clan, before government, there were only elders – ‘The nation’ is simply the geographical boundaries of the state!  To be against big government but in favour of nationalism is like saying “I am against driving, but in favour of cars”!


A nationalist is simply what a hypocritical free-market capitalist becomes when he is out-competed by a foreign agent.  He may have spent his entire life lauding the ideals of competition, dog-eat-dog capitalism and an ideology of ‘winners’ and ‘losers’. . . but the moment he becomes lazy, corpulent and complacent, and thus gets out-competed by industrious foreigners, he runs to a government (he claims to wish was smaller), asking for border controls, points-based systems of entry, tariffs, and every other act of unfair state-sponsored advantage to be thrown his way.

When the coin betrays him, he runs to the flag and, eventually, vice-versa.  The Nationalist-switch-Capitalist is a weakling who, despite singing the praises of competition, only really wants a competition when it is rigged in his favour.  But neither coin nor flag truly care for him, and only the weak and insecure – those with a small sense of individual worth – require either.  The truly strong require neither flag nor coin, the truly free reject both systems of control.

Globalisation is better than Nationalism

Both the far left and right level accusations at ‘globalisation’ – that it destroys communities, ravages resources, pollutes, corrupts, oppresses, disadvantages, fosters inequality and infringes on individual liberty.  I am no flag waving champion of elitist globalisation, by any means.  It can easily be argued that, at times, globalisation should be answerable for some of these crimes. . .

. . . The problem for the ‘patriot’, is that every accusation leveled at globalisation, every crime attributed to it, is committed ten times worse by nationalism!

Nationalism destroys communities by co-opting their material and human resources for the wider benefit of national aristocracies, ten times more than any global body

Nationalism is inherently statist, centralist, and authoritarian – sometimes globalisation is too, but with nationalism, it is a guarantee.  It is possible to imagine a global network federal unions, consisting of non-coerced and co-operative communities across the entire globe.  However, it is not possible to imagine nationalist establishments and hegemonies freely ceding power to breakaway districts, as has recently been demonstrated in regions as diverse as Catalonia, Kurdistan, and Scotland.

Whereas the UK wants to impede my movement with border guards and passport checks, the EU wants to give me an extra freedom – the freedom to travel without statist interference.

And finally, we address individual liberty.  In the past, almost every country on the planet has instigated some form of conscription – whereby the individual is obliged to sacrifice his very life for the country.  The image presented is a romantic one, with songs and solemn trombones for the dead.  The reality is the needless slaughter of our sons to protect the aristocrat’s land and power base.

Imagine the positive, cosmopolitan, multi-cultural, liberal and outward-looking metropolis. . . Now see the oppression applied when parochial, rural conservatives demand a war, and vote for conscription – the nation now oppresses the youth of the cities, forcing them to become cannon fodder for campaigns with which they fundamentally disagree.

And on the flip-side, imagine the dozens of village communities obliterated because the nation demands a trunk road or power plant – roads and power plants these villages neither asked for, nor will use.  Time and time again we see the nation crushing the needs of local rural and urban community for ‘the greater good’.

Globalisation, even viewed through the leftist/rightist vehemently anti-globalist spectrum, is still a million times better than nationalism


Globalisation = Every individual on the planet under a single governmental structure

Nationalism = Every individual on the planet under hundreds of mutually hostile and perpetually warring governmental structures, each able to justify the utter subjugation of their citizen’s rights due to the presence of opposing governmental structures.


An individual is not ‘free’ under either system, but they are much less likely to be subjected to violence under the first, as proven by the march to war of the *nations* of America, Britain, and France, against the warnings of the *globalists* in the EU and UN


Every charge leveled at ‘globalisation’ is committed ten times worse by individual nations.  Think about the Iraq war – one of the greatest travesties of justice and ridiculously idiotic military blunders in history.  A decision which has plunged the entire region into disorder and created a refugee crisis in the process.  Who pushed for it?  The *nations* of the USA, Britain, and France – against the specific wishes and insistence of such ‘globalists’ as the EU and UN!

Almost every crime that ‘globalisation’ gets accused of (especially warmongering and corporatism) is actually the end result of the actions of individual nations such as America, or the corporations thereof – often against the expressed wishes of those bodies which purport to be globalist!

In every real sense, it could be said that Nations actually realise the terrible crimes attributed to ’globalisation’ far, far more often than openly globalist bodies.  In every real sense, nationalists are actually worse globalists than the globalists themselves!

How many wars has the EU gone to. . . ever?  How many has the US & UK gone to this century alone?


Natural scales

Community, family, individualism are scales which a human being can naturally bond with and emotionally connect to on a direct level.  Each operates on an immediate, physical scale (your family members share your home, the people of your community walk in the same places as you – all are close and directly experienced), allowing them each to constitute a genuine, immediate, felt experience.  You can see and hear your neighbour, spouse, child, friends first hand.  You can explore alone, walking through the mountains with just your self, your senses, and your environment.

In a different but similar way, it is natural to view all of humanity as one connected entity.  You could fly to the other side of the world and still know what a laugh was, still dance, still match a smile with a smile and still answer the pleading in any child’s eyes, still shake your fellow man’s hand.

Community, family, individualism are real, natural human experiences because of their immediacy, their locality, their personal, felt experience.
A common human bond across the entire globe is natural because human means of interaction are universal, global, intuitive. . .

. . . until they are corrupted by nationhood.

Nationhood is unnatural.  I can look over the horizon, past my village, my city, past rolling hills and be made to imagine that somewhere, over there, lies an imaginary line in the sand, on one side of which, the people are my countrymen, my allies, and on the other side of which, they are foreigners – potential enemies.  This line in the sand has no reflection on either my real, lived, experience of community, nor my universal identity as a human being.  In many places across the world, the idea of nationhood is so alien, so blurred, so (ironically) foreign, that people don’t even know where the line is – even in a place as divided as Ireland, there are places where the border between ‘North’ and ‘Republic’ runs straight through a farmer’s land, cleaving it in two.  Neither the farmer, nor anyone else, could trace a line through his field showing where this line is – it has no meaning, no purpose, no bearing on the local community’s life (thanks to open borders), though rest assured , that the moment a policeman, politician, or inspector wanted to use this line to enforce authority, it would become very real

Local Community = natural

Universal Humanity – even globalisation = natural

Nationalism = an artificial, counterintuitive, unnatural means of dividing authority.  A meaningless invention

Nationalism, in a day-to-day sense, and even more so during times of war, demands sacrifices from the individual, the family, and the community on an almost unimaginable scale.  Common human unity does not.

Nationhood = arbitrary, artificial, imaginary

What is a nation?  An entirely arbitrary concept – a gentleman’s agreement between a worldwide network of local landed aristocrats, over how best to geographically distribute control over serfs.   People invest such emotion and energy and identity in their sense of nationality, but the nation itself is little more than a means of divvying up control, treaties drawn up between lords and lines arbitrarily scrawled on maps.   It is a form of servitude, but worse than mere submission – it is a form of servitude which has managed to emotionally manipulate those it enslaves – through songs, celebrities, flags and newspapers – into passionately defending their own enslavement, loving it, holding it dear, prepared to die for it.

Nationhood is an unnatural and arbitrary concept, a construct of elites indoctrinated from a young age in order to wean a populace who will happily volunteer their sons and daughters to die for nothing more than a flag designed by rich, safe men.  All this faith, emotional investment and pride we put into these arbitrary, artificial, invented and shifting allegiances serves no purpose other than to cement the power of local aristocrats, to make their populations not only willing to sacrifice their own and their family’s lives to protect people who care nothing for them, but to do so with a tear of ‘patriotic’ pride in their eye.  Nations divided neighbor from neighbor, causing poor man to fight poor man at the behest of rich men who are probably good friends, but who have had a little falling out over a patch of mineral-rich land or, worse, simply want to distract their relative serfs.

In the EU, outside of the EU

The EU grants me additional freedoms – to travel, work, buy and sell – whereas the individual nations concerned would happily restrict these freedoms.  My immediate, lived experience of the EU is something which has made my ability to travel in, and work across, the continent, easier. . . whereas my real, lived experience of the UK in this respect is one of queues, scanners, long waits, surly guards, passport control, demands to see my papers, and the ever-present threat of the ‘rubber glove of the border cop’.

Every charge levelled against Europe – poverty, inequality, unemployment etc. – occurs ten times worse outside it.

Just look at some of the places immediately outside the EU’s borders; Belarus – Europe’s last dictatorship.  Russia – a one party pseudo-democracy of disappeared journalists, massive poverty, oil oligarch cronyism, prescriptive, authoritarian conservatism and border wars.  Albania, people smuggling capital of the world.  The former states of Yugoslavia, riddled with unmarked graves and land mines.  War-torn Ukraine and war-mongering Turkey.

Even places outside the EU but within the EEC, such as Switzerland, stand out as the criminal class’s money-laundering capital of the world, whose economic foundations rest almost entirely on the laurels of nazi gold and tax avoidance.  Norway, I grant, may be an exception, but their version of ‘outside the EU’, is much more inclusive than the typical rabid Brexiteer’s vision of closed borders, closed trade, and statist-micromanagement of economy, population, and Labour.


EU directives

Think about the ‘oppression’ and ‘undemocratic’ charges levelled at the EU.  How does an EU directive come into existence?

It is proposed by someone who holds an unelected position, but who was appointed by someone elected – exactly as in the UK.

The detail is mapped out by unelected civil servants – exactly as in the UK.

It is then voted on by a parliament who are elected – except the EU parliament is elected by proportional representation, much more directly democratic than the UK’s FPTP.

However, even if it is now voted for, before it can have any bearing on British law, it must be written into British statute books – an act which the EU has no power to enforce.  This is why you can still see tobacco advertising in various places across the EU – though there may be EU directives against this, there is nothing the EU can do to compel their member states to obey.

Lastly, there comes enforcement.  Even if an EU directive is proposed, finalised, voted for and written into the statute books, the only agent who will actually enforce obedience to it, is the nation!  There are no EU cops, no EU inspectors.  No EU guards, investigators, officers, soldiers or operatives who can walk into a country and arrest a citizen thereof against its nations wishes.  Any ‘oppression’ attributable to a hypothetical EU law will be entirely executed by the nation’s authorities.

Globalisation is by no means perfect.  Globalisation has crimes to answer for.  Globalist bodies have made mistakes and realised oppression.  But their record pales into insignificance when compared to the record of almost any individual nation. . . and there’s 200 of those.

Localism is natural, humanism is natural.  Only nationalism is unnatural, a phony ‘middle ground’ used by aristocrats to control serfs – its bloody history of incessant war is evidence enough.  There have been 0 wars within the EU since its inception, but the *nations* within it, against the expressed wishes of the EU, are still warring – and the nation which is warring the most is the one which wants out